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Eyeball_Kid's Journal
Eyeball_Kid's Journal
May 9, 2019

To the Democratic Party: Go for the throat, or go home.

There is no other choice. There is no way to finesse our way out of this. The Dems MUST proceed, stay focused, and fight until the end. They remain the last hope for preserving the Constitution. The Republican Party has already sold out.

May 8, 2019

A meme with resonance? "The Republican Party is rejecting the Constitution."

When you look at the pattern of behavior exhibited in unison by the Republican leadership and party members, what else can be deduced? That the GOP is showing something else is a bewildering proposition. The meme makes sense.

Anyone is free to use this meme if it's thought that it resonates with a demographic.

April 27, 2019

Here's the logic: There will be no general election in 2020.

So far, Trumpy has been able to block all avenues to the public disclosure that Trumpy is a traitor, a Russian agent, a criminal, a financial fraudster, and a sociopath. His motivation is that he will not lose. He'll win every battle, every fight. That's the ultimate "brand". Always a winner.

Trumpy's actions thus far show that he will fight tooth and nail to keep his brand as he wants it. He'll not only defy subpeonaes, he'll defy court orders and court judgements. If the Supreme Court votes in favor of separation of powers, Trumpy will defy the Supreme Court. If Congress impeaches and the Senate convicts, Trumpy will refuse to relinquish power. He will. If the election goes against him, he'll not only commit election fraud, but vote fraud as well. And if that doesn't work, he'll declare a national emergency because the elections are rigged, and he'll declare that the elections are null and void. He'll go the full circuit. He'll tell his followers to take to the streets to prevent a coup. But that can get really messy. Rather than risk a loss, Trumpy will simply nullify the election.

In short, the only logical sequence available for Trumpy is to act like a Dictator. That's what he's doing right now. He'll not only ignore Congress, but he'll also ignore the Judicial Branch. There can be no assumption that Trumpy will respect ANY aspect of Constitutional law. Trumpy is dead serious. He will NOT relinquish power in any manner that resembles civility. He'll have to be removed from office physically. He won't go otherwise. Impeachment/conviction won't work; an election loss won't work. Right now, he's telling all of us that he's the sole ruler of the nation, and he's daring anyone to stop him. Right now, he's the emerging Dictator. He has a few more loose ends to address, but now he knows the path to dictatorship and he's in the fast lane. We are on the brink of losing the Constitution and the Rule of Law.

Trumpy will declare a national emergency and suspend the Constitution before he can be politically removed from office. Every day that passes in which Trumpy is not stopped, he grows stronger. He now owns the DOJ (Rosenstein and Barr are on his "team&quot , the SCOTUS and federal judges, he owns the Senate, and he owns nearly all of the media. Sure, he's disliked by over 60% of the electorate, but he doesn't give a damn about them. He's completely lawless and he'll always be that way until (and if) he's physically stopped. Every action he takes brings him closer to complete control. Remember, his goal is to win at any cost. He will not be told "no."

February 20, 2019

Finally! An extended interview of a great patriot.

O’Donnell’s interview of Andrew McCabe was great television. But more than that was a glimpse of a person completely immersed in a life mission of law and order, ethics, integrity, and the search for truth.

McCabe is, IMO, a person of high credibility. We should all listen. And learn.

February 5, 2019

To DNC Chair Tom Perez:

Gotta say it, Tom, you put me, and many of us, asleep.

You were on the Hayes program this evening, and I wanted to walk out of the room. This “We’re going to talk about it” phrase has got to go. We’ve heard that promise for decades.

Do you know what we haven’t heard? “We’re going to DO (x,y,and z).” What exactly are the Dems going to send to the Senate? You must convey a message of action, of passing actual legislation. Excite people, for Christ’s sake! “Talking” sounds passive. Drop it.

November 14, 2018

Chuck Todd and Cory Lewandowski:

That was a really bad interview. Lewandowski is a propagandist. Chuck Todd should have known better.

October 25, 2018

A bloodhound's choice: The terrorism leads back to the White House.

1. The bombs are being manufactured and distributed by an ORGANIZATION. It can no longer be considered to be the work of a lone terrorist. The logistics aren't conducive to that kind of thinking.

2. Assuming that they deserve their reputation, the FBI/DHS/NSA already KNOW who's making, distributing, and planting the bombs.

3. That arrests haven't already been made suggests that a delay in doing so is deliberate.

4. The delay in "cracking the case" is because of the "sensitive" nature of the discoveries.

5. The reason that there's "sensitivity" is because law enforcement found that the evidence leads to one of the Trumpy organizations or an associate of Trumpy or a Trumpy family member.

6. The reason that Trumpy isn't making a major national speech decrying the terrorist attacks is because he's supporting the attacks and the attackers.

7. By telling the media to change their ways "Fast", Trumpy is threatening the political opposition with further threats and actual violence. Trumpy is the shadow commander of the domestic terror organization.

8. As if this post isn't filled with enough "wild speculation", here's another: Trumpy Jr. is directly involved. So is Eric Prince. Both are providing (at a minimum) technical assistance to the organization that's terrorizing the political opposition. The organization is at least loosely affiliated with the Proud Boys.

Based upon what we currently KNOW, and what the information stream suggests, I'm estimating that these speculations are about 70% accurate. But the general drift of the data is clearly pointing toward Trumpy's support of these domestic terrorism events, and, logically, his tacit approval-- at a minimum.

Let's remember that Trumpy practices evil. There are no redeeming qualities. He has no intention of doing anything that's helpful to 99% of the population. He never did. He's bent on destroying the lives of his opposition, the same kind of driving force that he's shown for decades. Every target of the bombs is also his rhetorical target. Every one. And he's not relentlessly condemning the terrorism, which is what he MUST do to convey an appropriate message. If he's not totally committed to stopping the terrorism, he's giving it all a wink and a nod in the same way that he acknowledges white supremacists, neo-Nazis, the KKK, and Russian interference in the elections. It's a logical part of his plan to consolidate his power.

September 25, 2018

NYT's Mike S. Schmidt: the Judith Miller of our time.

Schmidt is now spreading nonsense about Rosenstein's alleged desire to quit, partially to avoid Trumpy's verbal abuse. This is his third, by my count, major mishandling of information in recent weeks. Sounds like someone else is slipping money into his pocket.

September 8, 2018

I suspect that something's going on and it's not good.

Yesterday, I was trying to access the Huffington Post main page and kept getting a 404 message. No such server. Today, was trying to return to the "Latest Threads" tab on DU and I kept getting the message that there was no such location. These issues each lasted for several minutes. It's never happened before, in my experience.

It's possible that hackers are penetrating secure sites. I suggest that readers be wary of any anomalies and post them when appropriate.

August 16, 2018

I just saw this tweet from Mensch's TL:

Putin pal Artem Klyushin tweeted out the list of security clearances to be revoked 2 days before the July 26 th WH memo

Originally posted by @GiddyHeyde, the actual text from Klyushin is in Russia.

So, Uncle Vlad, who’s your bitch?

So, Trumpy, who owns you?

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