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Member since: Sun Jan 1, 2017, 06:42 PM
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Warning: This Is A Non-Divisive Thread

That is all.

Top 10 Ways Black People Keep Racism Alive, According to Wypipo

As one of the world’s foremost experts in the field of wypipology, I am constantly searching for ways to translate my studies into real-world applications. Fortunately, there are hundreds of white people who generously take time out of their day to accuse me of being the real racist.

These scholars keep in constant contact with me to point out how I actually keep racism alive by talking about racism.
Because I am always open to sharing the wisdom of white America, I wanted to combine the practices that tartar-saucians often describe as “race-baiting” into one top 10 countdown for those who are interested in keeping racism alive.

10. Play the Victim

One of the biggest reasons racism exists is that black people love playing the victim. It has been one of the favorite Negro pastimes ever since Africans locked themselves in chains, stowed away on American cruise ships and crossed the Atlantic Ocean...


The second point (penultimate point) is very appropriate.

Dennis Miller Attacks Michelle Wolf...Finally

In a new tweet, "comedian" Dennis Miller calls Michelle Wolf a "Poopy head dum dum".

It took four days to write that?

One of My Students Tried to Sneak A Fox News Quote into His Paper

I wouldn't let him get away with that crap. He was having me take one last look over his essay, paying particular attention to his citations. Oh, I noticed that Fox citation right away. The thing is, he knew he had committed a grave error. When I confronted him, he admitted that it was a poor choice. The other students heard me exclaiming my disgust for Fox and they started telling him how it wasn't a real news source. He said he would find another source.

3 Days in a Row, the GOTV People Have Been Registering Students at My College

They get them in the hallway at the entrance to the classroom building. They are relentless. I've been asked half a dozen times if I'm registered. Yesterday I asked one of them how many students they get to register. I was told that, on a good day, they get 5 or 6. I was shocked. These people spend four hours a day begging for people to register, and they only get 5 or 6? Today I asked how many people they talk to are aware of the importance of the mid-terms in November. They told me only a few know about the mid-terms (the woman who answered my question seemed surprised and delighted that I was aware of how important the mid-terms are).

I'm disheartened by this. These GOTV volunteers are putting in an extraordinary effort and see very little return. There is incredible apathy and lack of information in this country.

More Things You Never Hear Deplorables Say

George and May Belle Lilywhite are concerned about minorities.

Bless you George and May Belle Lilywhite! You are so considerate!

What You Don't Hear Deplorables Saying

I wonder why that is.

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