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Member since: Sun Jan 1, 2017, 05:42 PM
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Indirect Democracy, complacency, and the Fall of the Roman Republic

I've been thinking of how similar Rome's history is to ours. The Roman senate was a form of indirect democracy such as we have. It bred complacency in its citizens who were happy to just let the senate do what it thought best. This is similar to most of the U.S. who does not want to be involved in politics. The end of the Roman republic came out of a manufactured crisis kind of like Obamacare, Drain the Swamp, etc. Finally, the first triumvirate had a celebrity (Julius Caesar), a military man (Pompey), and a man with a lot of cash to fund the coup (Crassus). We have a celebrity (tRump), a military man (Putin), and a people with a lot of cash (RNC donors, Putin again, supposedly tRump). In the beginning, Caesar refused to be emperor. In the beginning, tRump said he did not want to be president (might just withdraw after he won the RNC). Slowly but steadily, Caesar gained more power and became a true emperor. Slowly, tRump has been insinuating himself into government (with his cabinet picks and pushing congress to get rid of ACA, etc).

We know how it ended for Caesar; the senators, his buddies, stabbed him to death. At what point will this happen to tRump?

The scariest thought to come out of this has been the fact that Rome did not learn its lesson and continued to allow increasingly bad emperors to assume control. Will this happen to us?

Why won't Twitter ban tRump?

Can someone explain why they won't? I really don't understand how he can be allowed to spew hate. Aren't they getting thousands of complaints daily? Maybe everyone should boycott Twitter, just lay off of it for a few weeks.

Show us the TAXES!

Peegate is hilarious, but you know what would make more sense? Actually getting a peek at the tRump's taxes to see if there is anything incriminating in them. It seems like Peegate has backfired and given more credence to tRump's fake news conspiracy. I do not want to fall into a trap. I do not want to be mislead from the real news by sensationalism. This is getting dangerous. tRump attacked two media sources today, basically telling buzzfeed he would see they get shut down after he is sworn in.

The taxes route worked for Al Capone. It wasn't as sexy as listing all his hits, but it worked to put him away.

4chan Claims It Invented the Trump Golden Showers Story

This is getting really weird.

The forum alleged an anonymous user invented Tuesday’s bombshell about Donald Trump and Russian prostitutes—and then passed it onto a Republican operative. But there’s a weak stream of proof.

From the dailybeast:

So much misinformation!

Deplorables are manipulating the news

Like most of you, I have been clicking away for the past two hours trying to find everything I can about the goldenshowergate. @realdonaldtrump's initial tweet after the news broke included a "reliable" source that discredited the story. Someone found it for him on a no name media site called "lifezette". If you google "trump" or "golden showers" or anything to do with the story now, one of the first articles to appear is the one from "lifezette". This means that who knows how many thousands of people have clicked on the site that appeared in tRump's original tweet and got the "lifezette" article uprated in order to compete with the real news stories.

Please do not click on or search for this bogus article from "lifezette". It is an obvious attempt to push fake news.

"What's the Big Deal?" Trump supporters don't care about Russian interference

From the NYT at: http://www.nytimes.com/2017/01/07/us/russia-hacking-election-trump-voters.html

This article describes the response that many Trump supporters have in regard to the U.S. intelligence release on Thursday. Pretty incredible what they think.

COVINGTON, La. — “Sour grapes,” explained Bob Marino, 79, weighing in on the recent spycraft bombshell from the corner table of a local McDonald’s.

“Sour grapes,” agreed Roger Noel, 65, sitting next to him.

“Bunch of crybabies,” Reed Guidry, 64, offered from across the table.

“From the parts of the report I’ve seen,” said Rob Maness, a retired Air Force colonel who twice ran for Senate here as Tea Party favorite, “it seems silly.”

“I don’t believe it,” Mr. Yates, 78, said flatly of the intelligence report. He was standing in the yard under his “Make America Great Again” flag, which he bought at a gun show several months ago. “Why would Putin even want Trump?”

But Mr. Yates then added: “Why is everybody so afraid of Russia? I’m not against Putin.”

In Louisiana, David Gubert, 56, chain-smoked Eagle 20 cigarettes in the cab of his pickup, with stacks of firewood for sale behind him in the bed. Like the Willises, he ruminated on what it would mean if the Russians had gotten involved, and possibly even swung the election.

But Mr. Gubert came to a different conclusion.

“If that’s what it took,” he said, “I’m glad they did it.”

This last response is the most insane, but I'm pretty sure it's common among Trump supporters. It's ok if you feel completely sickened by the article. I know I am.

SCOTUS: Invalidate Election Petition

Source: We the People

SCOTUS must recognize and address the CIA conclusion as presented by The Washington Post that Russia interfered with the 2016 general election in an effort to help Donald Trump win the White House. The election results cannot be trusted and should be invalidated. SCOTUS should declare that President Obama remain as the chief executive until new election results are certified and all appropriate actions are taken for a smooth inaugural transition. SCOTUS must order each state to hold a new election, without exception. Governors and any other state officials shall not be allowed to deny voters a second opportunity to vote after a foreign government tampered with the U.S. Elections and possibly changed the outcome for one candidate. Ballots must have a paper trail to insure result integrity.

Read more: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/scotus-invalidate-election-results-2016-order-new-election

PLEASE sign this before January 9th!
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