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Maybe put in back up QB?

The nursing home

my mother is in all of a sudden has an outbreak of Covid. So far ten residents and four people who work with the the residents have it. Anybody else seeing this in nursing homes in your communities?
I am so disappointed because they were supposed to get their new Covid booster and flu shots next week. So far my Mom hasnít gotten it. The nursing home is very good about letting me know if something is going on with her. They will tell me if she has a bruise or a scrape on her. She has such thin skin at her age that contributes to that. Itís been that way for several years, long before going into nursing home.

Has anyone had

the experience after cataract surgery of not being able to see up close anymore. Had cataract surgery in August and now I canít see up close any longer to do such things like see if I have an eyelash in my eye or groom my eyebrows. My aunt warned me this would happen, but didnít really believe it. I believe it now!
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