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Member since: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 03:45 PM
Number of posts: 3,994

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even this is old , i thought it was cool. virtual choir singing " the strife is o'vr"

via the episcopal church office of communications
over 800 entrants sang and played in this presentation.

had a problem with du earlier.

i tried to coment on a story and du kept saying log in, but i was alredy logged in. had to log out and re log in, and i lost the story.

thanks to the du members who responded to my querry.

happy easter du. thanks admins for bringing du back up :)

to du . this is my easter present to u all.
please enjoy.

i found this on youtube and i thought it was a message of doom and gloom by some folks here in usa.

this is more of a message of hope.
Message of His All-Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew Regarding Covid-19

first post here in this group . been on du since 2000.

i will now throw my support behind mr biden. that is all

i shared this in 2009 when we had economic upheavals ,,

caled depression era cooking by clara. clara is now deceaced and her grand son has digitized the vids and put them on youtube . this was a pbs show at one time .

website : www.WecomeToClarasKitchen.com.

went in for cataract surgery for my right eye. that is removed

and awaiting the second one next week. one of my goals is that i live in a apartment complex and would be nice to evac without having to grab glasses and go. will be using glasses ony for reading now.

on edit , at 6 pm pdt i was allowed to take off my eye pactch and viva la diference .!!!!! the colors are a lot sharper and the fusion is coming in nicely compared to the left eye , i didnt realize how " grungy brown" evrything is according to that eye. im glad i went through it . glad, glad , glad .

scenes of animals taking over city space during c19 lockdowns

videos via chave weather. credit is due where credit is due.

thanks for the hearts .:)

now hear this . the first thing we need to do is unite this party and defeat the thing in the w.h

i will support any and all dems in the pri and the nommine in the g.e are ya with me . i m ready to rip this place apart.
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