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Gender: Male
Hometown: Bay Area, CA
Home country: USA
Current location: AZ
Member since: Wed Feb 1, 2017, 03:51 AM
Number of posts: 17,513

Journal Archives

Am I the only one feeling a bit more ... I dunno ... JOCULAR ... in the last 24 hours or so?

It's like some kind of miracle really

Anyone else besides me cannot WAIT to move down to Georgia in the next couple weeks?

There's gonna be a BIG CARAVAN of us ... talking serious convoy action.

It'll be me, followed by 9 busses full of Undocumented folk that slipped in where The Wall hadn't been built yet.

Each bus will be filled to the brim with boxes of ballots that President Xi sent our group, and towing a trailer with 20 Dominion Voting Machines in them, courtesy of Nicolas Maduro of course. Thanks Nic!

When we arrive every single one of us gets our own free Section 8 apartment for the duration, as well as unlimited EBT cards. Mr. Soros pulled some strings with Gov. Kemp to secure all that, so kudos to them!

Here's the kicker ... all I had to do was call Raffensberger and tell him what was up, and he agreed to register all my friends to vote, IN EVERY PRECINCT, even though they have no proof of citizenship.

SWEET, right?

Naturally with the 10K checks we each get from Mr. Gates, it's gonna be a PARTY down there.

Anyone know of any good, crowded bars we can go hang out in and drink in Atlanta (maskless), while we wait for our opportunity to bring Marxism to the USA in early 2021?

Is it just me or has IQ45 stopped doing that whole 'talking about himself in 3rd person'

thing he used to do all the time, at least not nearly as much as he used to?

I'm pretty sure I've figured out why he stopped ... the Cult was confused, thinking there really was another 'Trump', and Donnie got tired of 'Trump' getting the credit for all the great things he himself had actually done and said.

So he's stopped doing that.

jack johnson w/dave matthews and tim reynolds - a pirate looks at 40 (live-2008) buffett classic

great stuff ...

Loeffler and Perdue have abandoned Trump to boost their own chances

so they can make like they are the only hope to avoid "the democrat's tyranny" so everyone needs to come out and vote for them.

That's what almost everyone I've talked to is saying.

I've already heard from reliable sources that they both own stock in Dominion, and Loeffler owns stock in Burisma.

blackfoot - train, train

was feeling left out, so ... here it is ...

future islands - seasons (waiting on you) (letterman-2014) one of THE greatest performances

on Letterman EVAH ... you gotta love this shit ...


If this was 2012 and Obama had lost by 6M votes and needed to overturn

results in 4 states in order to win, and had lost 30 court cases and proven NOTHING in the way of a conspiracy, and was now meddling with democratic state legislatures, and was refusing to concede or even cooperate with the transition, in the middle of a pandemic that had killed 250,000 citizens on his watch, and Democratic congresspeople were all backing his coup attempt?

By now the entire White House compound would be surrounded by 100's of 1000's of people with torches and pitchforks, screaming and chanting, night and day.

Other Lord of the Rings nerds should appreciate my Fantasy Football team ...

ashley mcbryde - first thing i reach for (studio-2020) my favorite new country singer ...

I'm not especially into newer country period, but this young lady is the REAL DEAL, people ... fantastic voice, lyrics & melodies, and crack backing band ... seriously she doesn't have a bad tune on the handful of records she's put out ...

One more to underscore the point ...

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