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Gender: Male
Hometown: Bay Area, CA
Home country: USA
Current location: AZ
Member since: Wed Feb 1, 2017, 03:51 AM
Number of posts: 18,587

Journal Archives

lyle lovett & his large band - i've been to memphis (live - mid 90's i think - san antonio)

The killer opener of Joshua Judges Ruth album, this *might* be my favorite Lyle song ... at least on a given day, lol ...

Another example of sheer friggin' musical perfection ... performances don't get much better (nor classier) than this in my book. The piano work in particular ... TREMENDOUS, man. The rhythm section, too ... keep this rather oddly-timed song tight as HELL.

john hiatt - have a little faith in me (live - guessing 1986?) ... Sunday AM Song II

Many have covered this classic song of his ... some pretty good ones ... but for my money, the original, with just the songwriter and his piano, pouring out his heart and soul ... will never be outdone.

John NAILS it here too ... well, other than the one little lyrical flub lol ... pure songwriting and performing perfection.

lyle lovett - if i had a boat (live - 2010) ... perfect Sunday AM song ...

with an all-too-brief interlude from the great John Hiatt.

i tell ya the real hidden beauty here is the (seemingly effortless) otherworldly perfection he pulls off playing and singing at the same time on this. That is NOT a simple finger picking pattern, and there's many parts where the singing cadence is totally 'detached' from the rhythm of the picking, which makes singing and playing much more difficult. Compared to, say, 'wish you were here', which is a dirt simple song to sing and play ... this song would be like 100x harder to pull off.

Granted by 2010 he's been playing this for 20 years, but even 20 years ago he could nail it. Dude is no slouch on the axe ...

lyle lovett and his large band - church (live - sometime)

At this point I'm convinced Lyle will never really get his proper due ... but he is, and has always been ... one coolass mofo ... absolutely brilliant songwriter and musician ... enjoy ... hope you're not hungry

spoon - knock knock knock (live in studio - 2014) - no more good music?

well allow me to retort ... this whole album (they want my soul) is awesome, top to bottom ...

you just want everyone
to talk slow
and give you consent!

High Volume Highly Recommended

The Who - Eminence Front (live - Toronto -1982) ...

Pretty friggin' kickass ... Entwistle was a friggin' God ...

yes - roundabout (live at montreux 2003) ... aka old white dudes kicking some rock and roll ass ...

I'm so glad there's a great video/recording of this whole show ... seriously.

Aside from Bruford (and White is no slouch, though he's also no Bruford), we get the ultimate Yes lineup ... all the way out in 2003, when recording tech was thankfully 1,000 times better than the early 70's ... Jon still had a semblance of his old voice, Chris was still alive ... I could go on and on with nerdy Yes shit, but ... yeah ...

So, hope you enjoy ... this is pretty much 'end of an era', IMHO ... but there's lots of other great versions of great songs from this show if you hit up the YT ... 'And You And I' in particular is also killer, among others ...

Jason Isbell - Dress Blues (live - 2013) ... posted a day late I guess ...

but the post about the French at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier reminded me of this song, so ... enjoy ... errr ... to the extent that's possible w/such a devastating song ...

and mamas and grandmamas love you
cause that's all they know how to do ...
but you never planned
on the bombs in the sand
or sleeping in your
Dress Blues

A Dreaded Sunny Day ... So Let's Go Where We're Wanted and I'll Meet You at The Cemetry Gates ...

Methinks someone knew ... they weren't wanted ... after all, Wilde is on my side ...

The soldiers at the Cemetery (Trump didn't go to) died defending ... France

Therefore, he doesn't really care about them. It wasn't directly defending the USA. And he doesn't give a shit about our alliances in Europe.

I thoroughly believe that this is the reason that Trump decided not to go. And he REALLY wants to say it, but he can't w/o looking like a complete dick. He's hoping his knuckle-dragging supporters figure it out, though. Eventually if he keeps getting shit for it, esp. if he feels it from the Right, he's going to let that come out in some form.

That's my belief, and I'm sticking to it.
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