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Gender: Male
Hometown: Bay Area, CA
Home country: USA
Current location: AZ
Member since: Wed Feb 1, 2017, 03:51 AM
Number of posts: 25,677

Journal Archives

justin johnson - rumblestrippin - since glam has a blues kick going tonight ;)

Some down and dirty shit right here ...

Man, the lack of knowledge on how to properly post links on DU really gets under my skin, sorry ...

Respected Friends ... if you're posting a link, and there's a ? mark character it it ... then the ? mark, and everything to the right of it ... is totally extraneous, and should be removed before posting the link.

Unless, you REALLY want the outlet from which you copied the link to get $$$ for everyone following the link from DU.

Apologies to the member who just posted this, no offense, cause almost everyone does this.

Compare these two links:


Note that both of these links 'work' exactly the same (although your address bar shows different info when you reach the site). However, the FORMER ... makes money for Twitter when we use it here on DU. The latter ... does not.

I'm not saying Twitter gets paid instead of DU, cause in fact it doesn't look like DU makes any attempt to get paid for click-thru's from what I can tell, but there's really no need for Twitter to get paid, is there?

This also applies in cases where you post JPG/PNG/GIF files, or Youtube videos, or whatever. In those cases you get a bunch of crap characters showing up after the picture or video on DU, and it just looks ugly, and adds nothing.

Everything that's in a link, from the question mark to the right of it ... if there is a ?, is EXTRANEOUS, and should be removed IMHO, when posting links. That is information coming from (wherever you copied it from) ... trying to get paid when their links are shared.

Also, for the Love of Dog, if your link says 'Google' in it ... you're almost surely doing it way wrong.

u2 - beautiful day, mlk, where the streets have no name (live - 2002 - super bowl)

Just because ... Well, Patriots/Rams ... and cause I never tire of watching these 11 minutes of perfection in rock and roll and United States history colliding ... it's first Super Bowl after 9/11 ... and Bono and the lads just absolutely own the moment, and IMHO, this was really a turning point in the grieving process for our Nation ... the denouement of the show still makes my eyes well up, cause I remember the feeling of that time so well.

Enjoy ...

fotzepolitic - cocteau twins (studio - 1994) - in honor of natures beauty ... a soaring song ...

Wish their wasn't so much compression on the youtube version (youtube was stricter on file sizes in 2008 I suspect), the sound quality on the original cd is phenomenal, but ... hey, it's free ... one of my all time fave songs from one of my all time fave records (heaven or las vegas).

headphones rec'd for the full experience

Fun fact, Cocteau's vocalist Liz Fraser is the (guest) vocalist on the song Teardrop by Massive Attack, aka 'Theme From the TV series House'

How about ... instead of building WALLS ... we just do THIS instead ???

Trump wants all the Federal Workers to stop showing up/quit, then they'll be replaced by Blackwater

and their ilk, or their jobs simply eliminated altogether.

He basically wants all the government workers who are now NOT being paid ... to have to quit, in order to find other jobs to feed their families. All their agencies will then be hollowed out, and their rank-and-file workers ... replaced by corporations, mostly contract work. And many of them FOREIGN, I'm sure.

IOW, the REAL goal is for Federal prisons, and the Air Traffic Controllers, and the TSA, and the Nat'l Park Service, and so on ... to be staffed by Corporations. Friendly to the GOP corporations, of course.

Regardless of whether it's true, eventually Democrats will reach the conclusion that this may well BE the real goal ... and decide they HAVE to cough up the $5B because it's not worth the kind of destruction involved.

We're not winning this one folks, not as long McConnell is going to act like a FUCKING TRAITOR, and the MSM is gonna play 'both sides' bullshit.
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