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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Bay Area, CA
Home country: USA
Current location: AZ
Member since: Wed Feb 1, 2017, 03:51 AM
Number of posts: 26,166

Journal Archives

inhaler - fade into you (studio-2020) a very faithful cover of the mazzy classic ...

one might argue a bit too faithful to be of any real value, but I enjoyed it, and it sounds great ...

the 1975 - if you're too shy (let me know) (studio-2020) they're The 1975, but this straight-up 1983

A very retro and infectious number ...

kim petras - malibu (studio-2020) this one brings the party to yo room (video NSFW song okay)

Check out her Wiki, she's kinda famous ...

Simple probability question for someone good at these things ...

I have a bag of 10 marbles.

3 of them are red marbles.

What is the probability I would reach in and pull out red marbles 3 out of 6 times?

Assume I choose 1 marble at a time, and put the marble chosen back in the bag each time.


Edit: Looks like we have a consensus of 18.5%

Thanks everyone for your work!

In case you're wondering why I asked, I've finished in the Top 3 (of 10 teams) in my Fantasy Football league 3 of the 6 years my two brothers and I have held it. One of them was telling me 'that's like ... average, dude!'

And I said 'bullshit it is!'

I knew it was statistically not average, I just wanted to come back at him with hard numbers, proving my point

You Can Only Eat One Nut for the Rest of Your Life ...

Which nut is it?

I'm excluding Peanuts because they're so ubiquitous ... and also they're legumes ... so you are choosing APART from Peanuts.

Also excluded: Nut Milks ... you don't have to pick Almond just so you can have Almond Milk.

now i can't recall if there was any revelation after all or just some kids getting high in babylon

Part 1

Part 2 (more of a reprise really, but very pretty)

if you like it, this live version is pretty cool too ...

car seat headrest - there must be more than blood (studio-2020) i just kept turning it up the first

time I heard it, which was just now.

this is a freaking great indie rock song right here ... check it y'all.

i recommend high volume right from the start

it starts out a bit dissonant, but it gets more and more catchy as it goes ... LOVE IT!!!

I'ma turn in my Cool Guy Card for a sec ... this song is so pretty it brings a tear to my eye ...

Not the typical fare I post (though there IS steel guitar!) but damn, this is so freaking good.

From late 2019.

Y'all probably heard it 1000 times cause it probably was a huge hit and I didn't know cause I don't listen to the radio ... if so, forgive me

toro y moi - lilly (studio-2015) a new discovery of mine, they been around awhile

they (or he, not sure) have a bunch of good songs, mostly it's great chilling music for the background, the albums just roll by and just sound good ... this track is a highlight though ...

elizabeth cook - bad decisions (studio-2020) a nashville stalwart goes to LA to make new album

and it's actually really cool. bunch of good songs on this record, called aftermath

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