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Just watched the Beto-Servile Dog (Cruz) debate in Texas


- Cruz is a strong debater. I think he was on the debate team at Princeton.

- He landed some punches early in the debate but I thought Beto was the bigger statesman over the last 30 minutes (it was just one hour)

- Beto’s passion shined tonight and he speaks in a way that is disarming and genuine. He would make a helluva hostage negotiator.

- At the end both were asked to say something they admired about the other. Beto was great with the question while Cruz turned it into an opportunity to call him a socialist, eliciting some murmurs in what was a relatively tame crowd. At the end Beto got in a great shot: “True to form.” he said when Cruz was finished.

After it was over I donated to Beto even though I don’t live in Texas. I hope many did the same. Because Cruz is Trump’s servile dog. And an asshole.

"MAGA Maggie" Haberman sure is getting defensive about her colleague's Rosenstein story.



Interesting discussion about Manafort's personal safety

Howard Fineman was on with Ari Melber and he wondered what if any physical protection manafort might have asked for for himself and his family as part of the deal.

I’m all for this. Putin has a long reach. Which begs the question who will be tasked with this, the FBI, the US Marshals...Space Force?

"Fahrenheit 11/9': Michael Moore Exposes Trump, The New York Times and Establishment Democrats"

Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 11/9 opens with the word “Hillary.” It ends in silence. The in-between includes Hitler and Rashida Tlaib, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and West Virginia high school teachers, Bernie Sanders and The New York Times.

It’s a surprise to report that a lot of the film, which had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival last night, catches you by surprise—not only because of the deja vu didacticism of so many contemporary political docs, but also because, by now, we think we know Moore’s shtick. Even Trump seemed to have an inkling as to what he would look like under Moore’s microscope: Back in 1998, on The Roseanne Show, Trump allegedly praised Moore’s work before expressing his hope that Moore never make one on him.


Indeed, Moore’s best zingers and most penetrating indictments land on the Democratic Party, whom he implicates (along with dominant liberal news media) as part of an establishment system continually churning in place to maintain the status quo and impede forward movement. He even calls out Obama on a few occasions: for letting down the people of Flint, for accepting Goldman Sachs money, for deporting immigrants, for drone strikes. But best of all, Moore acknowledges and emphasizes that he himself is not totally free from that establishment either. “The best thing my generation did was raise you all,” he marvels to a Parkland teen in one scene. Her sharp reply: “On the contrary: social media raised us.”

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