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Buckeyeblue's Journal
Buckeyeblue's Journal
November 10, 2018

What about this impeachment scenario (feel free to tell me I'm nuts)

Let's say the repugs now consider 45 to be a liability. After all, it was the largest number of house pick ups for the Dems since the early 70's. With close races in traditionally red states. They were willing to play along with his crazy when he won because they could push through their agenda. But now nothing is going to get through.

So then they have to think what are the options to be rid of him. They could do nothing and let him lose in 2020. Or they could get rid of him. But they have to act quickly. If the House voted for articles of impeachment, the repugs in the Senate could have their safest 20-25 senators vote with the dems.

There would be initial uproar from the deplorables. But that's where Pence comes in. For repugs he is perfect. He will be a lame duck. He cannot win the nomination. He will be able to pacify the evangelical crowd. And the rank and file repugs can go about repairing the party.

Fast forward a year and a half later, you've got Jeb Bush accepting the party's nomination and telling traditional repugs and swing voters that voted Dem in 2018 that it's time to come back home.

This scenario only works if it is acted on quickly. It also worries me. I wonder if Dems have played this out and if that is why many in the leadership are saying that they are not looking to impeach.

Impeachment would let them off the hook. Make them dance with the one that brought them.

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