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BeckyDem's Journal
BeckyDem's Journal
August 24, 2019

Sanders And Warren Just Released the Most Decarceral Criminal Justice Platforms Ever

( Warren 2020 )

The 2020 presidential candidates recently unveiled national criminal justice agendas that reimagine public safety and punishment.

Within a few days of each other, Democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren released sweeping criminal justice platforms that rethink public safety and punishment after decades of harmful mass incarceration policy.

The Appeal talked to a number of experts and advocates who say the plans are the most decarceral criminal justice platforms to enter presidential politics. There’s concern these far-reaching progressive proposals could carry political costs for Sanders or Warren in the general election. Still, many feel that their plans represent a historic moment in more than 30 years of the reform movement.

In a plan released Tuesday, Warren pledged to repeal the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, “tough on crime” legislation that catalyzed mass incarceration in America. Released just days before Warren’s, the Sanders plan strikes a similar tone in its pledge to cut the prison population in half by ending mandatory minimum sentencing and “three strikes laws” at the federal level, as well as expanding the use of presidential clemency.

Both plans also call for the legalization of marijuana, and an end to cash bail and the death penalty.


August 10, 2019

Elizabeth Warren's New Plan On Guns Has A Goal: Reduce Gun Deaths By 80%

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren introduced a sweeping gun control plan Saturday with the goal of reducing gun deaths by 80% through executive action and legislation.

"You've got to start with a goal. I haven't heard anybody else talk about a goal," Warren said in an interview with The NPR Politics Podcast. "What I've heard them talk about is here's one thing we'll do, and one thing we'll do, and one thing we'll do and then we'll quit."

Announcing her plan, Warren said the first step toward meeting her goal is immediate administrative action, which includes a range of ideas, such as requiring background checks, investigating the NRA, and revoking licenses for gun dealers who break the law.


Warren 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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