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Member since: Fri Feb 24, 2017, 02:52 PM
Number of posts: 430

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Donorrhea: its cause and possible cure!

Your hearing may be reduced to almost nothing. Your eyes may start to water unendingly. Your voice may soften or seemingly disappear. Some others can't understand you. You seem lethargic, uncaring, depressed and may lose the will to do much of anything.

Donorrhea - somewhat rare, but unfortunately since 2016 has become a more common communically expulsive, predominantly oral disease usually spread [currently by mouth] by Republicans in particular and to a large extent, members of the media and co-mingling groups of irresponsible, deplorably ignorant followers. There are alleged stories it was started by a TV Reality Show Host and popularized in elite, small circles by a Speaker and allegedly, a short, boorish, foreign dictator which he spread to certain politicians.

Originally thought to come from Oriental Food, it's pretty well known the cause is actually getting Donorrhea through the eyes and ears.

Recommendation: take a rump-lax and call your local representative in the morning. If that proves ineffective, according to our main expert, sticking a bright light in the offending orifice (whichever) or snorting Clorox or Lysol could control the problem.

There doesn't seem to be definitive cure at the present time but Pharma Companies are working 24/7, with thoughts and prayers and sparing no public expense to get a cure by at least early 2021

Donorrhea is quite contagious especially in less informed people and particularly people in groups and can be spread easily by sight, hearing and verbal contact with others. According to the the Centers for Donorrhea Control, the most effective suggestion for temporary relief from Donorrhea is to isolate oneself (not just social distance) from all other family, friends, relatives and the general population and especially any electronic media. Shut down your TVs, Phones and Computers for at least the next 5 weeks. The experts say that should show signs Donorrhea is going away and by then will have a better grasp on the Donorrhea Rumpidemic.

Also, with cold weather coming, according to one expert, it should disappear by itself. It will probably be gone sometime around the middle of January.

If it doesn't disappear, experts warn of at least 4 more years of its spread with uncertain, serious and possibly fatal ramifications.
Posted by moonseller66 | Fri Oct 2, 2020, 09:31 AM (4 replies)

This debate was NOT a train wreck!

A train wreck is over in a few moments and clean up is confined to that area and done quickly!
And it wasn't a dumpster fire that can be knocked down in less than hours and usually only destroys its minimal contents.

This was a very slow moving category 5 hurricane that keeps hammering our country doing damage everywhere with cleanup that will take months to maybe years.

This was Mount St. Helens blowing and spewing lava and ash causing an ecological disaster with massive flooding down stream, destroying forests and wildlife whose cleanup required months or years, if ever.

This was Fukishima spewing radiation that will pollute the earth and affect all of us even children and grandchildren, our oceans and seas, wildlife, food and even the air we breathe for years.

This is California Wildfires raging unchecked destroying property, people's lives and their futures and fragile eco-system while thousands of concerned Americans try to stop the spread of the flames with little to no help from a negligent, irresponsible, politically partisan administration.

This is COvid-19 running rampant through our country and the world killing people, creating untold misery and global future health problems with little hope and little to no help or concern for a cure from a current, moronic, greedy, self important administration.

No, it wasn't a train wreck.

How are our chances in the House?

With all the hoopla over the Presidency and Senate, do we still have a good grip on the House?
Overlooking that would be unfortunate?

Any predictions?

So Many Winners!

Biden has a Difficult choice as President!

Joe has to decide whether to act like a real president or spend 15 hours a day tweeting infantile inanities, 3 hours a day making fun of Republicans, the MSM and coming up with derogatory names for anyone who is against him, and 2 hours repealing everything Trump has done the last 4 years!

I'm betting he acts Presidential instead!

But with all the time he'll need to remove the soiled newspaper lining on the floors from tweet droppings in every room in the WH (You gotta wonder who flushes for him - not his job evidently!), it may take Joe a couple days to get to it!

BTW, President Biden, I'd get that plumber, Joe, from the McCain/Palin campaign to clean the Trumps before you have to use them!


Will some reporter PLEASE have the guts to ask America's Welfare King, the MORAN-in-charge exactly what he does all day or if he knows what he's SUPPOSED to do?

Intelligent minds want to know!

Is our Minority President only an intermediate Russian Asset?

We all know our Minority President is the stupidest, most corrupt occupant of the Whitless House, ever. Which begs the question who exactly is pulling the strings? Miller? Bannon? Hannity? Putin? Those who decide needed a patsy.

How about none of the above? While Miller and Bannon are Political Cretins, they don't have the capital to pull this off and to think Putin would simply waste his American Rubles on them alone is foolish. If he bought and paid for trump and the Republican Party, why would he stop from dangling everything and more to those in America who have the where-with-all to do what he wants?

So who might be the actual Russian Assets in America - who has the most to gain from causing this economic catastrophe? Lower wages, less regulation, environmental disaster, no oversight, virtually less health care, people simply glad to have a job after this is over?

What if those top level Republican Operatives such as the Kochs, Mercers, Adelsons, et al. have been bought by Putin and trump is just following their orders? They have the knowledge, assets and ability to capitalize on a situation like this. Think Godfather to the Nth degree today!

They are the ones throwing big advertising bucks to try to keep trump...and maybe shadier other means.
Many of them already have investments in Russia or Russian Oil. Maybe they see expanding Russo-American Capitalism into that country. It's really a big, untapped market. A chance to make even more money. Workers in Russia make tons less money than Americans. There's big bucks to be saved by creating a "New Deal Environment" in Russia with Robber Baron Mentality and cheap and forced labor just like the "good times" of 18 hour work days, child labor, no retirement, even more huge corporate profits etc.

Just a thought while everyone's attention is graciously provided free of charge by our junior college media on trump and HIS underlings.

Someone, some group has to be providing the know-how and funds to keep this shit happening because if they were true Americans they would be appalled at what's really going on.

Trump is only the stooge although he's too vain and stupid to know it.

Say hello to your new overlords.
Posted by moonseller66 | Thu May 7, 2020, 12:58 PM (0 replies)

Without the Orange Makeup...

does anyone have or can they photoshop what trump would look like without makeup?

He almost looks Pink.
Posted by moonseller66 | Tue May 5, 2020, 12:20 PM (7 replies)

Inquisition? 01/21/21?

When trump's time comes to an end January 20, 2021, all those who worked for him and flaunted the laws, broke the constitution and rewrote anything they didn't like that was legal, caused Americans and Immigrants tremendous hardships and suffering, loss of property, a future or even life...

When the new Democratic Senate, New Democratic President and Re-elected Democratic House hold hearings about the atrocities of ALL those who worked for trump, were related to him, and those in his administration and their foreign accomplices...

When they all are subpoenaed to tell all they did yet scream and holler they have their RIGHTS under law (and they will - bet your last dollar on it) and they won't have to say anything...

When they've touted the Fifth Amendment as their savior but ignored the other 26...


Waterboarding is effective...just ask Bush, Chaney, Yoo, et al. And I'm not even sure it's illegal...yet.

We need to forget the rule of law, just like they did.

We can NOT afford to forget this.

And to those of you holier-than-me, pseudo Democrats who feel you're too good to accept a situation like that because YOU don't want to sink to a lower level, who have the attitude that thinks they are so bipartisan and pure and fair and let's not act like them, that is the reason we are here after 40 years of Republican Greed and Corruption.

No exoneration for those who caused this as was done 12 years ago. No "we must look forward, not backward" BS.

No "[N]othing will be gained by spending our time and energy laying blame for the past we must resist the forces that divide us, and instead come together on behalf of our common future."

That is exactly why our current situation exists. Yeah, it was noble, if you say so. But short-sighted. And ineffective. And history (and many of us) will judge it the biggest mistake of the early 21st Century. We can not let that attitude happen again. Conditions must be made to insure those would try to repeat this must be made to understand what the consequences will be. And those consequences must be extreme if we're to prevent another occurrence.

Just like you all did since St. Ronnie, quietly watching and quietly being so Susan Collins concerned, you don't have to watch. We won't care.

Maybe we can use those cages like the ones in Texas til they feel like talking? Or deport them to third world counties with a new suit and ten dollar bill!

I have no fucks to give concerning any treatment (inhumane or not) for those who have denied everyone else's human rights and especially the way they treated migrant children and the poor.

We've spent our "40 years in the Desert."

If these last years haven't affected you adversely, you're fortunate.
For those who of us who have suffered under this POS, it's payback time.

Posted by moonseller66 | Tue May 5, 2020, 11:39 AM (5 replies)

The names have been changed to protect the guilty.

Good Grief, Charlie Brown! This describes Trump's Administration (and Republicans as the general) perfectly from almost 50 years ago!
Would that today's press were so inclined!

Mash foreshadowing today's President]
Posted by moonseller66 | Mon May 4, 2020, 10:10 AM (2 replies)
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