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Member since: Tue Feb 28, 2017, 05:36 PM
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The Dam is Bursting!

Murkowski becomes the first GOP Senator to sign on to a Special Prosecutor!

Turley is saying this does not rise to the level of obstruction of justice.

He says since no grand jury is empaneled, it does not rise to the level of obstruction of justice. HE says it is an abuse of power, but not obstruction.

I guess he didn't get the Mensch and Carter memos.

Republicans are standing down.

Looks like the debate is now between an independent counsel or an independent commission.

They're done defending after the Comey memos went mainstream.

They saw the fire and cowered.

We're on the brink.

It's now obvious that the crimes Trump committed are so vile and anti-American

There's no other choice.

The man must be sent to prison.

If Trump is not removed from office and then put on trial for his vile anti-American crimes, then no crime committed by anybody in this country will ever again deserve punishment.

This is a line in the sand. We stood by while one criminal president was pardoned. We can never allow that shit to fly again.

No pardon, only a trial. That's it. Anything else deserves whatever comes.

Is anbody else paying attention to the timeline with the Comey memo?

The memo was after a meeting in February.

Trump hadn't been in office yet a MONTH, and the motherfucking piece of shit is so bold as to commit obstruction of justice!!!!

Trump to Comey: You'd BETTER hope I don't have tapes!

Comey to Trump: Tapes? Hold my beer...

Trump Adminstration Weekly Agenda

1) Trump does a stupid thing.

2) Trump's people deny that Trump did the stupid thing.

3) Republicans go silent about the stupid thing.

4) Media talks about nothing but the stupid thing.

5) Trump administration attempts to distract from the stupid thing.

6) Trump tweets about how doing the stupid thing was a smart move.

7) Republicans defend the stupid thing.

8) Stupid becomes the new normal.

The question MUST be asked, was the leaking of highly classified information a Quid Pro Quo?

Given all we currently know for certain regarding Russia, the hacking of the election, and Trump's very nature, the possibility that this was a Quid Pro Quo to the Russians MUST be explored.

If a Special Prosecutor is not appointed now, we will forever be a satellite nation of Russia.

After the "Tapes Tweet", I'm now wondering what went on in that meeting with the Russians.

Did they discuss what went on in the election, and did those Tass Agency "reporters" record that conversation?

Have the Russians shown Trump they have even more Kompromat on him? If they discussed the election hacking at all, that would be a coverup of treason.

And did that experience spark Trump to make his "Tapes Tweet" in a desperate effort to attempt to shut up Comey?

He's doing what EVERY idiot criminal does when they know they've been caught.

He's digging the hole deeper.

Every tweet. Every interview. Every flippant statement.

All of it can be used against him to convict him, first in the Senate and then in a court of law.
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