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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: South of Texas
Member since: Sun Mar 5, 2017, 10:33 PM
Number of posts: 1,852

Journal Archives

MyGod, MyGod, my God. Help us.

My Heart.

Thank You, please update when You can.
I have nothing to say. Too sad. Out of tears, it hurts to swallow.
Please, God. Blessings on us ALL.

Thanks for this! My 2 thoughts/2 cents

#1) Thank You for remembering single moms.
I was 1, & so was my mom.
#2) "Lord's Prayer".. Although I consider mySelf a Christian, I have strong pagan tendencies. I was once told I'm too "churchy for pagans, & too witchy for church". I'm ok with that.
Anyways, in my researchin years ago, I read an original translation of this prayer, from original Aramaic to Hebrew to English. It was amazing & BeautiFULL! Alot longer, very descriptive, & very little of it sounds like the common prayer we know. The original (as I remember) praised the glory of Nature, Earth & ALL planets & heavenly bodies, that ALL humans & living creatures are equal & related.
Mostly about Love, & compassion, & JOY.. NO fear.
It was beautiful, & I wept as I read it.

Wish I had a copy of it.
Thanks for sharing Your adventure! "Amennn"!

PBS Father's Day gift 💚 to Ever'body

Ken Burn's "NATIONAL PARKS: America's Best Idea".
I have seen the series twice before, but it is soothing my Soul, today. Magnificent.

& a goood reminder of why we RESIST.

PS. I LOVE John Muir. *sighhh*

PBS Newshour tonight ..DANG.

Shields & Brooks...tore up trump.
Questioning mental stability & MORE!
Catch it if You can. Worthwhile, I promise.

TatorGuy. Where You at?

I miss Your freaky Self.

There's a few ole DUers I haven't seen in awhile.
Please check in!

Or..who YOU missin?

No, but I pray & meditate ALOT.

I am exhausted.
But still, I keep the Faith,
& TRUST in KARMA & Divine Timing.

& I drink some.

Anyone see Senators' faces after closed hearing??

Any reports, video, insights or guesses?

"gave me the willies".."butt hurt"..

"jilted lover".

I hear Ya!
..that's ALL I'm sayin!!!

Do NOT be ashamed, or the freakin weirdos win.

YOU KNOW right from wrong,
Compassion from hatred,
Kindness from ugliness,
PEACE from violence,
Generosity from greed,
Healing from pain,

YOU have a Heart, Mind, SPIRIT.
GIVE YourSelf where it makes a positive difference.
Do NOT spend it on freakin weirdos.
Take goood Care of YourSelf.
Bless YOU 💖

"Don't leave me alone with trump!" sez ever'body

With a lick of sense & self respect.

O, hey, Y'all!
TOMORROW is a BIG FREAKIN DEAL Day of hearings!
4 top INTEL heads, Coates, Rosenstein, etc ..
I've been seriously vibing on this.. this will be bigger than Comey Day. I BELIEVE.
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