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Hometown: South of Texas
Member since: Sun Mar 5, 2017, 10:33 PM
Number of posts: 1,852

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I noticed today cornyn actually used the word "democratic" instead of sneering "democrat" (member, party) TWICE. It was stunning.. in all the years I've heard/seen him, he's NEVER said that.

1 thing that happened..

Fri pm, he tweeted an arrogant reply to Eric Holder, & sparked a big ole backlash.
There was a little poll, then, 97percent support for Holder AND Mueller's investigations. 97percent from the 1st hr, & continued 97percent for 24 hrs, nearly 15,000 people.. It was TRULY epic!
Not only is cornyn DESPISED *in TEXAS!!* but GREAT support for Team Mueller.

Some reSources for You

I understand what You're dealing with. Before You jump into the recovery process, check out some of these sites & see if You can get some Volunteer help & donations. Don't be too proud to ask for help, or think You can do it ALL YourSelf.

Austin Common Ground, in & around Houston, are doing amazing Work. They have great information & reSources for recovery, please look at them before You get started.
(I witnessed Common Ground in NOLA post Katrina, they're effective & efficient, no waste or nonsense. Anyone looking to donate or volunteer, I highly recommend Common Ground!)
BASH (Bayou Street Medics)
Another wonderful group doing Harvey recovery.
Again, I really recommend, they have great reSources YOU might use.

In Florida :
MADRelief (Mutual Aid Disaster Relief) If You want to pm me Your contact info, I will get a message to them, or You can call them.

Also, look into:
Food Not Bombs
Build Autonomy
Best Wishes & Blessings to YOU! 💖

trump w/blank notepad, at CampDavid.

Twitter screamed about it when it 1st came out..
blank notepad, no notes, no questions, curiosity or concern. I found this absolutely chilling.
& pence "in charge". WHAT?
I'm dealing with the storm. & ask You ALL to contact Your electeds, d or r, & raise hell..
will be offline till ? Stay resistant, Y'all.💙

Congress needs US to flood local offices

With calls, emails, VISITS, if possible, while they are on "vacation". THEY need our encouragement & insistence, D or r, they NEED to be able to report to their colleagues that voters back home DEMAND a few things :
They have the responsibility to be the check & balance on executive branch.
They must put the PEOPLE, the US, the Constitution, before party or $.
They MUST know we hold them accountable, & expect them to fulfill the duties of the Sacred OATH they each swore to.
They have to know that if they refuse to defend US, & the Constitution, that WE accept that inaction as proof of their own collusion in the crimes & treason of the trump-rusky-republiker mob.
They have to do everything legally possible to curb the Trump insanity.
I say start the process of the 25th Amendment, as well as Impeachment, which is already on paper in the House.
Please make Your calls.


I feel it is vitally important for US to contact/visit local offices of our elected employees, D or R, & express EXACTLY that. They have the responsibility, duty, & means to restrain trump.
If they FAIL in this, their complicity is proven in the trump-rusky-republiker cabal, & WILL be held accountable.
Thank You for this!


Pls call Your elected employees: while THEY are on vacation, call/visit local offices & express Your thoughts. They need to be reminded they are the check & balance on executive branch, they have a Sacred DUTY to defend the US & Constitution;
the Mueller investigations must continue & elected officials fulfill their Constitutional obligations. Those who do NOT are not only failing as Patriots, but show they are complicit in the trump-rusky-republiker mob.
Thank You for Your post!

BEST trump description EVER!

Can't post the wsj article, Peggy Noonan tears him a new one. Among other things, THIS:
"mad, blubbery petulance" !!!

Ugh. Twitter guidance pleeeeez

I'm new on the twitter machine, been bumbling around on there nearly a week.
Had some fun, learned a lot, had nearly 1000 followers (?), what I really enJOYed is following folks *I* admire/respect/LOVE ..
somehow, I logged out, & can't get back on. Can't find my original username or password, tried to start a new account, & it's using my real life name. Tried changing it, hiding it, something, now it's telling me I have tried too many times, try again later.
Like the twitter machine is frustrated with ME! ?!
he'p me, summmbuddy!

PSA, Y'ALL! trump is *71 years old*!

& I am really sick of hearing trump is going to meet with pooty this week, for the 1st frickin time.
"Fake freakin news!!!"
Let's git our dang facts straight. Dang it!!!
Thank YOU for Your attention to these matters.
Dang it.

*i needa hugggg*
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