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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: South of Texas
Member since: Sun Mar 5, 2017, 10:33 PM
Number of posts: 1,852

Journal Archives

Secs.of States national meeting next week!

Per nass dot org, each state's Sec of State will be at the National convention, July 7-10, in Indianapolis. They *will* be discussing trump's "request" for voter rolls, & ALL things vote related.

Please DUers, call Your SOS & guv, & protest giving up the voters' info.
I am in a red state, & stressing in my calls: this is fed govment OVER REACH & intrusion; especially in light of 2016 rusky interference, we need SOS to secure OUR private information & electoral process.
This trump action is bugging the heck out of me.
Thanks Y'all!

HEY! DUers @ DC Protest???

Check in if You can, some photos would be great!

Call teddy cruz, if You can 😒

Just received email from DKos, urging calls opposing Senate trump care bill.
Please call, & share. Thanks, Y'all.

I make stuff.

I make stuff, out of driftwood, seaglass, & shells. I go to my Sacred Space & make stuff. Some have feathers, pretty beads, or rusty pieces I find on the Beach.
As I make it, I meditate, & pray, for the person I gift it to. Each piece is my Prayer & Blessing.
I call them mobiles, or windchimes.

The other night, I was *whining* to my Sister Friend, about needing a job, needing a Home..things are getting really..intense.

& Sister Friend, exasperated, said,
"WHEN are You going to use Your GIFTS?!!!"

EEK. *Helloooo!*

I make stuff from my Heart, out of LOVE, full of gratitude, & it's a Gift to those who Love & Bless me, & Bless the World! 💖

More than one Sister Friend has told me to "make stuff" as a bizness.. I have a "waiting list" of Lady Friends who want one..& they know each piece is very unique, & full of Spirit, made just for them.
Just seems so weird to take a Spirit Gift, & profit from it.
Any advice or guidance would be very welcome.
Thanks, Y'all.

Dude, You so crazy.

Marianne Williamson: A Woman's Worth ...
page 14:
"But why do people who have the most ardor, the most enchantment, the most power so often feel the need for drugs and alcohol?
...they drink to dull their ecstasy."

EnJOY this Friday night!
& in the Morning Light, let's consider who we *REALLY* are.
Lucky & BLESSED.

Humans don't abandon their vulnerable offspring .

Maybe that's just me. Help me, dear God. I cannot believe I walk this Earth with those heart LESS 2 leggeds. I do not understand.
I pray for Wisdom and STRENGTH, & Your precious Heart. I don't ask for forgiveness, I can't give it, & surely don't deserve it. I am only human.
Thank YOU, God. Bless the World. NOW. 💖

Thank YOU.💖

I am SO upset about all this.
I am an OIF Vet's mama.
Stay strong. Holler if You need me.
Blessings on YOU.

Have a candle lit, for Your Sister & You

Will hold the Light till tomorrow.
Please let us know.
Dear God!
Bless this situation.
We ask for Divine Interference.
Bless us ALL, with Healing & Strength & Comfort.
Thank YOU, Spirit, for all Your Goood Blessings.
Aho. Amen.

Gulf Coast DUers, Y'all ready?

Goood Vibes & Prayers for protection for Ever'body.

I am packing my go-bag, more Family photos & momentos than clothing
Not that I expect to have to git.. but Ya never know.
Funny what is truly important, when things get real.

I have a strong need to make a big ole pot o' gumbo. Clean out the freezer, in case the power goes out..Extra spicy Gumbo, lots of seafood & fresh veggies.
That's goood Medicine. & will keep me busy.

South of Texas, the winds are picking up, & funny rain.. just "sprinkling" but big rain drops. We deal with street flooding alot, so that will likely be the worst thing.
Better go rattle my pots & pans. Stay safe Ever'body, & check in when You can.
You are ALL in my Thoughts. 💖

UPDATE: Not a rough storm, at all. We lost power about 1am, came back on about 5am. Light rain now. Streets aren't even flooded.
HOPE the storm peters out as it heads north & east. I am pooped.. from anticipation, I guess!

Love Your OP, THANK YOU 💖

No exclusions, fear or guilt.. ALL Paths lead to Spirit, & it *IS* all about LOVE.

Be BLESSED, & pass it on. 💖

I used to say that alot..
but it pist people off!
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