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Hometown: South of Texas
Member since: Sun Mar 5, 2017, 10:33 PM
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trump w/blank notepad, at CampDavid.

Twitter screamed about it when it 1st came out..
blank notepad, no notes, no questions, curiosity or concern. I found this absolutely chilling.
& pence "in charge". WHAT?
I'm dealing with the storm. & ask You ALL to contact Your electeds, d or r, & raise hell..
will be offline till ? Stay resistant, Y'all.💙

Congress needs US to flood local offices

With calls, emails, VISITS, if possible, while they are on "vacation". THEY need our encouragement & insistence, D or r, they NEED to be able to report to their colleagues that voters back home DEMAND a few things :
They have the responsibility to be the check & balance on executive branch.
They must put the PEOPLE, the US, the Constitution, before party or $.
They MUST know we hold them accountable, & expect them to fulfill the duties of the Sacred OATH they each swore to.
They have to know that if they refuse to defend US, & the Constitution, that WE accept that inaction as proof of their own collusion in the crimes & treason of the trump-rusky-republiker mob.
They have to do everything legally possible to curb the Trump insanity.
I say start the process of the 25th Amendment, as well as Impeachment, which is already on paper in the House.
Please make Your calls.


I feel it is vitally important for US to contact/visit local offices of our elected employees, D or R, & express EXACTLY that. They have the responsibility, duty, & means to restrain trump.
If they FAIL in this, their complicity is proven in the trump-rusky-republiker cabal, & WILL be held accountable.
Thank You for this!


Pls call Your elected employees: while THEY are on vacation, call/visit local offices & express Your thoughts. They need to be reminded they are the check & balance on executive branch, they have a Sacred DUTY to defend the US & Constitution;
the Mueller investigations must continue & elected officials fulfill their Constitutional obligations. Those who do NOT are not only failing as Patriots, but show they are complicit in the trump-rusky-republiker mob.
Thank You for Your post!
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