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Member since: Sat Apr 8, 2017, 08:19 PM
Number of posts: 4,271

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I doubt Melania is infected

I'm sure she never lets him touch her.

If Hillary were President right now this I surely know

the Pat Robertsons and Falwell Jr.'s and Franklin Grahams of this country would be telling us that COVID 19 is God's punishment upon this country for her election.

So, here's what I'm doing.... TROLLING my trumplodyte family, telling them we're under attack from their god.

Them: "But you're an atheist!"

Me: "Not any more!"

CDC coronavirus test kits.... I smell a rat.

Here's my concern:

China, Italy, and elsewhere have been able to test hundreds of thousands of patients, and yet we had to wait on the CDC for an officially approved test? And their first release FAILED.

“The great strength the US has always had, not just in virology, is that we’ve always had a wide variety of people and groups working on any given problem,” says Keith Jerome, the head of virology at the University of Washington. . “When we decided all coronavirus testing had to be done by a single entity, even one as outstanding as CDC, we basically gave away our greatest strength.”

Obviously, this monopoly is being controlled by REPUBLICANS, so what does that tell you except that they intend to make megabucks from this situation?

trump pitched a 0% payroll tax rate for the rest of this year



Seriously, how will this country pay for stuff if it gets no revenues?


Anybody else hoping that HIV treatments will prove effective against COVID 19?

Besides the fact that I would really welcome a cure or preventative, I can't wait to tell all the holy rollers that coronavirus is God's punishment on heterosexuals.

Hey, there's a coronavirus.gov website, which Pence proudly promotes. And here I thought

we had something to worry about on our hands. On my hands? I'll just wash mine and thank Momma's Boy for his wonderfully helpful website for that tip.


The most surprising thing about today's White House presser? They didn't give their campaign some typical Republican catchy moniker, like "Operation Air Freedom" or something. Or roll out John Ashcroft's crayola system... we're still at Code White, no big deal, really!

At the convention, can candidates who are no longer running simply reassign their delegates?

To the person they endorsed?

Biden will be the nominee, and that has me relieved, but I do have one big regret

about not having Warren as President:

I have no doubt she would have prosecuted that orange traitor pervert. I don't think Biden will.

Elizabeth Warren seems like a very rational VP choice right now (for Biden, that is)


1. Female. About damn time for a woman, and an effective counter against trump's expected move to replace Pence with Nikki Haley.
2. Policies close to Sanders's. Hey, if Sanders excited you, then at least you're one heartbeat away from having someone politically close. Don't be angry that your man didn't make it, embrace the now!
3. She's as intelligent as any VP candidate I can ever remember.


I see none because I love her.

Two biggest questions I'd ask Joe Biden:

1- You say you want to improve Obamacare rather than starting from scratch. What exactly does "improve Obamacare" mean and cost?

2- Are you willing to nominate Supreme Court justices even without vacancies, in order to increase the number on the bench and eliminate the imbalance the right wing created by cheating?
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