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Member since: Sat Apr 8, 2017, 07:19 PM
Number of posts: 4,524

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WTF. DOJ says it's OK with trump-backed candidate as "Special Master"

I guess they're thinking it doesn't much matter at this point?


America's greatest living talent? My vote.

Stevie Wonder.

I'm sitting here listening to "I Never Dreamed You Leave in Summer" and am just marveling at the man's ability to craft melodies.... and that's before even mentioning his astonishing musical skills on the keyboard, harmonica, etc. And that voice!

And I consider his string of Innervision, Fulfillingness' First Finale, and Songs in the Key of Life the most impressive trifecta of consecutive albums ever produced by any musician of any genre, anywhere, and at any time.... and that's not even mentioning Talking Book which preceded those three.

The rarest human diseases.

I really hate that ad. It's revolting. Meant to repulse anybody who looks at it.

How much do I have to pay to get rid of it?

Does it make sense to anybody that trump would call for the special master to have top secret/SCI

security clearance if he's already declassified the materials?

On page 14 of their filing yesterday:

"Movant also agrees that it would be appropriate for the special master to possess a Top Secret/SCI security clearance. "

Is this a case of "oh what a tangled web we weave", or incompetence, or not a contradiction at all?

Does the FBI still have Hunter's laptop? And why?

How is this not an invasion of privacy? Where's the probable cause?

This is a juicy one. trump now officially under investigation as Russian nuke spy

So, I'm wondering how credible is inteldrop.com ?


We do know that Russian state TV recently said this:

Im very worried for our agent Trump. They found everything at Mar-a-Lago, they got packages of documents. In all seriousness, they say he should be executed as a person that was ready to hand off nuclear secrets to Russia.


You know, maybe if Garland had indicted the f*cker on the 10 counts of Mueller obstruction,

as trump SHOULD HAVE BEEN almost immediately upon vacating the presidency, Garland wouldn't have had to deal with obstruction in this documents case. And maybe some national secrets would have been secured? And maybe Jared wouldn't have his $2 billion? And maybe even some lives would have been saved?

Yes, Garland seems to be playing everything correctly in THIS case, but what about those that preceded this one? Can you tell I'm not as delighted with him as some others here seem to be?

trump's lawyer says he CAN'T release the warrant

and that they don't know what the probable cause is. I'm smelling bullshit.


I need a therapist, I think. Because all day long I've been imagining a smirking rapist,

perving on the knowledge that not only has he violated the sanctity of a woman's body but that of her entire future as well.

I guess I just violated DU's prohibition against posting every little thought that pops into one's head, but I'm sincere in that I haven't been able to shake this one today.

Where is the right to eat in the Constitution?

Or the right to take a dump? Or the right to have children, exercise, take medicines, write poetry, love somebody else, etc. etc. etc.

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