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Member since: Sat Apr 8, 2017, 07:19 PM
Number of posts: 4,524

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The two words I'd tell Merrick Garland to his face


Can a state make it a MURDER offense if one of its citizens goes out of state for an abortion?

Say Dahlia from Dallas goes to California, has an abortion.... can she be arrested when she returns to Texas? Could a state make such a law?

Defund the royal family

It is just absurd to me that British citizens ultimately pay for and put up with this kind of bullshit.


Who convinced trump to not sign the draft executive order?

I say Christopher Miller. Is that too obvious?

Trump lawyers confirm he's getting charged

Let Glenn Kirschner explain it:

Somebody stop me from making fun of Doug Kuzma on his YouTube channel

I should be better than this. Maybe I'm just tired.

Republicans will not admit "insurrection" on January 6 until someone is actually CHARGED with it.

On Twitter:

Oliver Darcy: "The word 'insurrection' has not been uttered once during coverage of 1/6 on Fox this morning, other than Biden using it within his speech.."

Glenn Greenwald: "So Fox has uttered "Insurrection" the same number of times as the DOJ has issued indictments for that crime. Referring to 1/6 as an 'Insurrection' when the Democrat-led DOJ has failed to charge * even a single person with that crime * is not a source of pride for a media outlet. "

Come on, Mr. Garland.... DO IT.

Indictment for obstruction of justice in the Mueller investigation should have been almost immediate

Now I feel like I'm being mocked.

I really don't care what the consequences to my posting privileges on this site will be but I feel enraged enough to proclaim it: Merrick Garland is turning into a disgrace.

First "defund the police" and now giving the right to vote to non-citizens.

I'm sorry, but this is just ill-advised if we want to hang on to power:


The jury has reached a decision.

New York Times is reporting.
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