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Goodheart's Journal
Goodheart's Journal
September 30, 2017

The monster has given us a permanent and valuable campaign catchphrase

"Another Trump."

That bastard will go down in history as a traitor, buffoon, laughingstock, monster...

And he will be immortalized for all the wrong reasons. Every future Republican candidate will have to watch his mouth or risk being labeled "Another Trump". It won't be pretty.

September 26, 2017

Hillary's biggest campaign mistake, IMHO

Almost every Trump voter I know bought into and/or repeated the lie that the Clinton Foundation was corrupt.

Hillary's biggest mistake was to not blast national ads defending the Foundation.

From the country's two largest and most trusted charity watchdog groups.
89% of our revenues spent directly on charity... higher than United Fund, higher than March of Dimes, among the highest for any large charity.
When you hear Fox News and other sites badmouth our Foundation don't believe them. Believe the facts.

September 23, 2017

Has there ever been a major candidate in any of the universal healthcare countries that ran

on a repeal platform?

I hadn't really googled the matter, but based on my many years of recall and observational experience I responded with this to a Republican dipshit who was badmouthing Obamacare, single payer, the Canadian healthcare system, and universal healthcare in general:

And you want to know what should be the ONE THING that convinces you the Canadian system is better than ours? What a rational person would heed? What an intelligent person would concede?

It's this: Canada used to have a system JUST LIKE OURS, based around private insurance companies. They ditched it. They're now HAPPIER. They don't want to go back.

You name me just one major candidate in Canada, Australia, the UK, France, Japan, etc. who has ever run on a platform of abolishing their universal healthcare systems. Just one. You CAN'T. It doesn't happen. All your silly little arguments based on insurance company propaganda and myths couldn't sway a typical Canadian, Australian, Brit, or Frenchman.... because having lived under their systems they KNOW you and the bribed pig politicians who have you snookered are full of shit.

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