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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Home country: US
Current location: AK
Member since: Tue Apr 18, 2017, 02:44 PM
Number of posts: 4,438

Journal Archives

Fair food!

I visited the Alaska state fair Friday.
Didnít even get a corn dog because the fair food was so eclectic! I had food that I havenít seen offered at fairs I have been to in the past. Made the experience all the better.

I found oysters on the half shell from the Prince William Sound (really excellent quality) and Crab cakes too. Sooo freaking good. Also had a salmon quesadilla!! Wth?

Was fabulous!

Favorite Fair food?? Sound off!

Planning a vacay to AK

Will be my first time traveling there.
Totally open about where.
I will be going in August so starting to decide the destination(s).

I am a rockhound so gold panning is a must. Aurora borealis viewing is a must. Also, I would like a train ride.

Hoping there are DUers that will respond with their fav places so I can check out those destinations/suggestions before finalizing plans.

Let me know where to go!!
Thanks in advance.

Waiting in Seatac cell phone lot

Hanging with great DUers.

My son is flying out to see me.
My belated motherís day present!
So excited. Just got the text he landed.
Woot! Later!
His first flight @ age 25!
He made it. Lol!


MO Govenor Impeachment

Eric Greitens refused to resign and so a Republican majority is going to impeach him. Please, someone,tell me the tRump is next!?? The Gov of MO is involved in a sex related scandal as is the orange one. Please let the whole house of cards tumble
What a embarrassing stain on our flag.

Related article link.

NAACP Issues Travel Advisory for Missouri

This story confirms some of my worst fears of this Republican lead Missouri state House and Senate combined WITH a Republican Governor to sign all their f'd up crap into law.

This is one of the many reasons I got the HELL out of that state!

I am dumbfounded and not surprised all at the same time! Good grief! The first time in history! Not even during the civil rights years did this happen!

Wtf are we coming to? Wtf?


Jar salads

I like this lunch idea and have been taking salad at least three times a week.
I got an inexpensive plastic shaker container with fork and dressing container that nestle with. It has been so easy!
Prepare the night before and combine leftovers from your evening meal if possible.

What great ideas have you tried?
I would love to hear about fruit fusions I haven't tried etc.
I love grains like quinoa mixed in too!

Seattle suggestions please (motorcycle related)

I like motorcycles and people who ride them and would like to hang out sometimes at a bar/lounge where bikers gather. I am new to the area and I would have to visit a lot of places to find somewhere like that to hang out. So far no go. I tried the internet too and would rather have recommendations. 🙃

If you know of a spot preferably northern King or Snohomish area that you would recommend please do so!

I like to go on poker runs that allow vehicles too (I don't own a bike) and where bikers hang out is always a good place to find info about runs and rallys.

Steve Earle and the Dukes -Seattle

In Seattle August 15! Neptune Theatre
Going to get my tix now even tho it is a Tuesday night show. Wth?

Message me if you are going to this show.
I will be solo but still gonna go.

Seattle Times recommends Jenny Durkan for Mayor


Some info bits...
Outgoing Mayor Ed Murray endorsing.

Ms. Durkan was personally involved in helping to block the very first tRump travel ban.

Appointed by POTUS Obama to serve as US Attorney for Western District of WA.

She has a remarkable career. Here's the campaign site too.


At Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery -Seattle

Started a flight of "home" brews.
Ask me what you will!

Hi Seattlevet!
I made it!
Bike blonde. Good one!

Check another one off the bucket list!
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