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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Home country: US
Current location: WA
Member since: Tue Apr 18, 2017, 01:44 PM
Number of posts: 4,358

Journal Archives

Screaming at Blunt on MTP

Somebody talk me down.

Just said the new HC bill not much different from ACA!!! Whhaaaaa? Pre existing conditions!!!!! ARSEHOLE!
He also just stated there is a dem ready to repeal and replace but did not say who. Just referred to him/her as dem colleauge.

Breaks my heart he is on Senate Intell Committee

Doesn't believe in Russia trump* collusion!

Steve Earl(e) fans sound off!

Woop Woop!
Don't you be comin down Copper Head Road John Lee Pettimore!
That orange m Fer gonna run you and your illegal weed down.
Ain't VietCong no more
Russian fucks done come to town!

Hehehe. That's all! (JanisJoplin)

Rep. Billy Long's v-mail

Box full at his DC office but NOT the Missouri #. Here it is : 417-889-1800
Call him!

Also, I saw a quote from Blunt saying the House bill will not go for vote in Senate. They will write new.

Stupid stupid men!

WA Housing

New here and introduced myself in the lounge - see "How I found DU"
I am looking to move to WA this month. I have hit a few WALLS.

I am looking for a place to stay for at least a week but a month to month is better.
I have a dog -Zeus. 100lb husky/golden mix. Neutered socialized smart
I am employed now -contract ends when school out. I have yet to have an employer want to interview me despite looking for the last month --i think due to distance. I am fully employable with good credit, a vehicle, equity from real estate sale.
I have had my MO real estate lic. so, by law I had to pass an FBI fingerprint background check -2014. Excellent references. I will be bringing a 5'x8'uhaul my hummer and my dog.

I am clean, quitting smoking cigs mid forties, female.

If you know a friend with a room I would appreciate an email or number to text. Or a vacation rental is ok but I cant pay $100 night. I would pay up to $1000 for the month for a studio or small home. Consider up to $800 for a room.
I feel safer asking here than Craigslist ads etc. ... crosspost ideas anyone? This appears to be the only place to post for this topic but not much traffic...???

Mental health pros...a question

In Missouri there is such a thing as a "96 hour mental evaluation" whereby a person can voluntarily or BE INvoluntarily committed for 96 hrs. For mental evaluation.
You know where I am going with this I hope!

Is there ANY law that could be used (outside of what we have read here about Presidential incompetence rules) that would allow for the orange one to be involuntarily committed for a 96 hr psych evaluation and get this in a LOCAL judges hands to determine that he IS IN FACT incompetent?

Serious question
And may have already been asked. I am new. Thanks!

How I found DU

Hi fellow undergrounders!

I literally found you by entering "fuck donald trump" in to Duck Duck Go.
(some time ago)
I watched, I waited, I watched, I waited. You had been hacked.
I read, and read, and read.
I decided to join about a week ago because I get NO Dem solidarity anywhere else.

I have a strong opinion. I am a strong female. I am a participator.
I am WAwannabe because I am newly divorced after 25 years married to a conservative
and I am nearly batshit. I will need a 420 friendly state as I plan to get high on life for a while.
Really, I just hope to settle where there are more liberal (sane) minds. So, I am planning my second big move across country but this time SOLO!

Really? I'm just damned glad to meet ya and be here! Salute!
...and Fuck Donald Trump!!!!!!!
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