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Gender: Female
Home country: US
Current location: MO
Member since: Tue Apr 18, 2017, 02:44 PM
Number of posts: 5,315

Journal Archives

Now. They are pre-trying

The GA investigation (s).

No bottom.

Edit to add

They = defense team of djt.
Feb 12,2021

Bus Just Rolled Over the Insurrectionists

tRump and the defense just put the people under the bus!


Edit to add: the people who broke in to the Capitol and wanted to HANG MIKE PENCE!! Where’s Nancy? WHERE ARE YOU, NANCY?

These racists!!!!!!!

Have no right.

Obama! You racists! Fuck you!

Fuck the fuck off!

The djt followers are Obama haters from an eight year era!

Fuck them all. Just fuck them all!

Not sorry for the language.


Yes we do!

That much and sooooooooooooo much more!

Are you ready for the SHITSHOW???

Starting in T-10 minutes?

Imma try to make it through, but ... I have a extremely low tolerance for SHITSHOWS!

Philanthropy is trickle down

Philanthropist trickles a little or a lot into a charity.

Yes. The employees of said charity gets paid.
And, marketers for said charity get paid.
Utilities for said charity get paid.
Rent and supplies are covered.

...but how much of every dollar actually goes to the charity’s end client?

Happy Lunar New Year!

Metal Ox do your stuff!

To the TOTAL ASSHOLE GQP ASSHOLES who plan to aquitt

AND djt and all his ASSHOLE psychophants!

A S S H O L E S every last one


Hat's off to 2naSalit !

For this EPIC phrase!

“Clean up on aisle 45”!!!!!!!

If you didn’t coin it...it’s still so damn funny and fitting!

Clean up in aisle 45! Hahahaha! Hahahaha!

Thanks, man!

My letter to Mitch McConnell



Re: Haass and your vote Tuesday Feb 9

Richard N Haass ~ I changed my registration to "no party affiliation" after 40 years. I worked for Reagan & Bush 41 & 43. But today’s Rep Party no longer embraces the policies & principles that led me to join it. To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, I didn’t leave the Republican Party; the Party left me.

Newsweek ~ Mitch McConnell's Vote That Donald Trump Trial Is Unconstitutional Contradicts Own Memo

Vote to convict!

This letter of shame is brought to you by,
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