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SonofDonald's Journal
SonofDonald's Journal
April 24, 2023

They say I'm terminal but....

I have a positive mental attitude no matter what, I figure somebody will survive what i have someday, I’ve read recently that some cancers will be cured by the end of the decade due to the advances flowing from the corona virus work

I will volunteer for any experiments offered to me, it’s best to keep my hopes up and it sure can’t hurt as otherwise I’m going to die

I’m a member of Kaiser Permanante which was Group Heath Washington when I joined after seeing how they treated my parents

I’m now being taken care of by the St Joseph Medical Center oncology ward in Tacoma Wa, Kaiser doesn’t really have an oncology department so they contract with the Christian run program

These people have been absolute Angels to me, 100% all the time, 24/7, I could not be happier than in their care, I’m absolutely blown away about good I’m being treated here

In reality if it wasn’t for their bedside manner I would not be positive and would most likely depressed as hell

But I’m not

I’ve got a long way to go but my attitude sure helps and these wonderful people are who keeps me in the human race with a smile on my face


April 24, 2023

I've been diagnosed with stage four terminal cancer

On March 31’st my dog tripped me out in the driveway, my back started hurting but I’ve had ablation done on my lower back twice already and thought it was wearing off again

I started going into urgent cares and the pain got worse, they shot me up with four shots of morphine and four of Dilaudid and some toradol with no success

I was told by the doctors that with all that I should be dead, I didn’t lose an eyelash much less any other problems

A legal pain clinic had taken over my pain from a shattered right leg, a replaced left knee and the afor mentioned spinal pain nerve ablation in 2009, I was under their pain management until 2018 when I decided to get off the 180 mgs of Morphine PER DAY for 9 years solid

It seems my body has built up a resistance to opiates, my painkillers today are at: 90 mgs a day of oral extended release of morphine in a pill form

6 mg of oral Dilaudid every 3 hours, i injection of Dilaudid every 2 hours

And I’m still in pain, the cancer had eaten into my L-4 vertebra and had fractured it

The day I was admitted into the hospital I could walk with two canes, I can no longer get up or sit upright due to the pain

The cancer is in my liver, kidneys?, spine, shoulders, lungs etc, not sure where else yet

I’ve had scans and radiation treatments every day of the week now and it’s agony to lay on a table when your back is screaming the entire time, every time I leave my room it’s pain city at at least 7 on the ten scale

I sure hope the fentanyl patches work

They say without medical help I will last three more months, but I have ten more days of radiation treatment and that drops the pain level down I think

When I can go home in ten days ( cross my fingers) i will then start chemotherapy and go on from there, I may last until the end of the year

Peace to all, live, laugh and love ❤️

October 5, 2017

I met a trumpanista today, and it didn't go well

Was just at Albertsons, I asked a girl if they had those trump troll dolls, she said they were all sold out and good luck finding one.

She then asked if I was a fan of dumpf, I said no, I want one to tie to the pair of blue silicone testicles hanging from the back bumper of my truck......

Ooooo did I get a look, I then asked where the air fresheners were, she says aisle 13, I said you know I was just in aisle 13, the one full of candy from end to end.

She turned and walked away.

I love it when a plan comes together.

I could have reported her to management I suppose, but her little dumpf dream is coming to an end soon enough, that's a gift that'll keep on giving.

And the look on her face when I described what I wanted the troll for?.


June 15, 2017

CNN/Eric Swalwel interview?.

Just found a link to it, looks like it's old from around the time Lynch was going to testify due to the crawl.

I've never even heard of it before but he comes right out and says it, that he's seen lots of evidence concerning 45's efforts in Russia, money, communications, family, etc.

Showed it a a friend or two and they were wowed.

I must have been elsewhere when it came out.

June 10, 2017

COVFEFE deciphered?

I've been thinking ( yes I know ) about what the phrase means, spicer said a very small group of people would know what it means, I know there is better out there but as I was weeding the garden my mind could be used for another task.

C: Cover
O: Our
V: Very
F: Frequently
E: Exposed
F: Felonious
E: Endeavors

A hidden message to the other conspirators?

I know someone will come up with something better, but I've been into the Joke Flower today, ( I live in Washington state ), nuff' said.

May 28, 2017

How do I post a pic?

Tried to search for the answer but I have to be a star member it says.

Just like to post a pic now and then, thanks for any help in advance.

May 11, 2017

Facebook fake news release needed

Hello all, there was a posting a few weeks back that had a letter from Facebook describing the fake news hack that happened, I don't know if it was an apology or just a press release about it.

I don't know how to search on this site or if it even has the function available but I'd like to see the release so I can get a screen copy of it to send to a relative that doesn't believe me.

Any help would be appreciated, I can't seem to dig it out online.

Thanks for your time.

April 24, 2017

NK Threatens to sink our aircraft carrier WTF?

Source: TV news?

I was just in a gas station filling my car and the little tv screen had a line across the bottom saying NK has threatened to sink our aircraft carrier and had nuclear weapons and missiles that can reach the USA.

This was about 30 minutes ago at around 8:30 am PST in a Chevron gas station, I don't know what news? Service it was.

I only posted this as I see no mention of it here and it may be in the wrong forum, I may get snarfed at for posting this without a link or source.

But I thought you should know, I'm watching Obama talk on msnbc and there's zero mention of it.

If I made a mistake I'm sorry, but I'm not making this up.

Read more: Link to source

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