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Former campus carry supporter has changed his mind

Shootings and college life change a student’s view on campus carry

The recent implementation of Texas’ campus carry law allows people with a concealed handgun license to carry their handguns on college campuses. I once supported this law, but now that I am spending every day on a college campus in Texas, I can no longer say the same thing.

My change of heart regarding campus carry was accelerated by the gruesome mass shooting in Las Vegas, which made me question whether gun ownership should be strictly regulated in general, and by the recent shooting at Texas Tech University. As I called my friends who attend the university to make sure they were out of harm’s way, I realized that guns on college campuses — carried legally or not — scare me.


A powerful guest column appeared in today's issue of the Austin-American Statesman, written by a college freshman at Stephen F. Austin College. Raised in a very conservative, pro-gun home, and previously a supporter of campus carry, now that he has experienced campus life and the immaturity of many of his fellow students, he now realizes that it's scary to be on campus with students who may have concealed weapons.

Well-written piece – and very encouraging to see a former supporter so articulately change his mind.
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