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Gender: Female
Hometown: South Florida
Home country: United States
Member since: Fri May 26, 2017, 08:33 PM
Number of posts: 9,466

Journal Archives

Oh no, a van drove through group of pedestrians in Barcelona


Trumpy just referred to Prime Minister Angela Merkel as

"A friend of Ivanka"

Is Putin the knight in shining armor who swoops in and saves the day?

Of course not, we know better than that!

But this is the crazy nonsense that Trumpy is trying to sneak into his propaganda...
Lavrov just met with Tillerson and said that Russia would help set up a Russian-Chinese plan to get North Korea to freeze its missile tests if the U.S. and South Korea would impose a moratorium on military exercises. How kind and selfless of them, like social workers really. Not! Deplorables are already saying "Russia is our friend" and that idiot Trumpy is trying to make Putin look like a hero that saves us from North Korea.

In 6 months "we" are off to Pyeongchang...

With the Winter Olympics coming up and the whole world sending their very best athletes to Pyeongchang, South Korea how vulnerable will they all be? And not just the athletes, there will be millions there all in one place just 100 miles from DMZ.

What about our friends in North Korea?

Trumpy keeps floating the idea of a pre-emptive strike on Pyongyang, but our allies have embassies there: Germany, UK, Sweden, Brazil, etc etc (a few dozen countries in all). Sweden is officially the "Protective Power" in DPRK not just assigned to America but Canada and Australia too. This is a much more complex situation that that idiot thinks, he really does know nothing about anything.

Trumpy's on holiday talking about triumph by fire - we need some Green Day....

Expand video for best viewing

Nuts with Nukes!

I am concerned.
Trumpy and Kim Jong Un are resembling one other in their madness more and more each day.....

New Hampshire whistleblowers fight back

A dozen whistleblowers at a NH Veteran's hospital have exposed inadequate patient care and incompetence leading to staff dismissals and an investigation.

Fusion Paranoia

So, while reading various articles about Fusion and the Steele dossier, I came across this "interesting" little article ....[link:http://cannonfire.blogspot.com/|

It's official: I despise Stephen Miller

And the sound of his patronizing voice!!!
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