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Member since: Wed Jun 7, 2017, 09:20 AM
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24/7 Unbiased World News, France24 is AWESOME

A refreshing change in world news presentation. OMG I learned about stuff.

The above is a 24/7 livestream posted through youtube.

The link below will bring you to the Home Page for France24 English



Oh, you canwatch the mid-term results here to avoid THE FAMILIAR!

5 Awesome Free Online Weather Watching Tools

I got tired of the aweful performance of many of the accuweather like online services. Too slow. These load quickly except Intellicast, which is worth the wait for it to load its nation wide animated weather


1. Visually cool surface animated wind map


2. Search for windy.com (no url to copy/paste once you open windy.com)

Windy.com is an amazing animated site that shows present weather AND PROJECTS 7 days of future weather. A great feature FOR ANTICIPATING WIND PATHS OF DANGEROUS STORMS. You can use its search feature to look at your town close up.

3. Jet Stream you can animate, poke around, you will figure out how to use this. Important for locating potential cold meets warm temp potentials ie tornado possibilities


4. FAVORITE NATIONAL ANIMATED WEATHER MAP. I use this one for travel plans. Look for the "layers" feature to check different aspects of weather, etc.


5. Hurricane & Storm Warnings by NOAA, a rich resource for all active storms and weather warnings.


With these tools, you can be an effective weather watcher, too!


GOP Roll Out Campaign. Rally Their Fearful Base to Attack Democrats, or so it seems.

You can feel their clarion call in the air.

Mitch pitches dems as the angry, violent mob.

Rand Paul lets the base know his wife is "afraid for their lives."

The President of the United States throws dem insults almost daily, justifying the fear and anger Mitch and the boys are stirring up.

Cohort and the State News Channel's Hannity has spent 30 years getting their base full of hate for Libruls.

It's almost as if the GOP October Surprise might be a mighty attack on libruls or an attack on something.

Well, Democrats wouldn't be the least bit surprised.

For decades Republicans have projected their behaviors on the libruls.


I wonder if there is any way we can natioanlly promote


There are thousands of kidnapped kids living in tents in Texas. Surely we can find a way to make sure that Santa doesn't forget them.

Any ideas on how to organize this? We can't wait until the last minute.

Surely we can find a way to make sure Santa doesn't disappoint.

If you can, please spread the idea on facebook and twitter asap.

People might have forgotten that our government stole thousands of kids from their parents this year and put them in a desert tent concentration camp. The videos say these are kids who traveled alone, but that isn't true. Many children separated from their parents will be living in the huge tent city in Texas.

Tent city, first stage.

Expanded recently. Up to 3,800 kids.

September, 2018 - Hundreds of Migrant Kids Reportedly Moved to Texas Tent City

GOP Leaders Are Desperately Fomenting Violence.

McConnell calls peaceful protestors an Angry Mob.

Rand Paul tells a tale about his wife fearful for her life.

FOX snooze and right wing radio has painted a picture of evil libruls for decades.


Because their only hook is hate.

They have no policies, no plans, nothing. Just hate.

The kind of hate that tears a baby from the arms of the mother or father and put 3,800 kids in tents, 20 to a tent.

Lord of the Flies, real life. Our tax dollars at work. Where is the outrage?

Hear their cries

Really pitiful.

That's No Angry Mob? That's Our Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, Sons, and Dad's

Do we have a free press? If so, please stop referring to our loved ones as an angry mob. Geesh!

That's no angry mob! Those are the people we love who are survivors of sexual assault, who see our democracy disassembled, and are tired and embarrassed BY the behavior of the partisan GOP circus in DC.

That's no angry mob!

That's my wife, terrified that our girls are unprotected from sexual assault.

That's my niece, raped and left for dead by a group of fraternity drunks.

That's my grandmother, sexually assaulted by a teacher at age 10.

That's my son, sexually assaulted by a priest.

That's my nephew raped by a Boy Scout leader at age 12.

That's my mom sexually assaulted by her employer.

That's me.

THAT'S no angry mob!

Those are people outraged by the 51 Senators who have betrayed all survivors and future victims of sexual assault.

Those are people who are being revictimized by the callous disregard for the millions opposed to the ascension of Brett Kavanaugh to SCOTUS and the sham procedures that enabled this.

Thousands of attorneys, classmates, and even an esteemed former Justice of the Supreme Court implored the President and Senate to withdraw Brett Kavanaugh because of his multiple perjuries and internationally demonstrated lack of impartial, measured judicial temperment.

No! That's no angry liberal, dem mob. That is what Americans standing together looks like.

Get used to it.

That is a spontaneous uprising of millions of citizens from both parties, all races, all religions, all genders excercising a constitutional right to protest an injustice perpetrated by the Senators elected to uphold the Constitution and, at the very least, do no harm.

Get used to it!

Middle Class
People of All Religious Denominations
even Republicans

Standing together in opposition to a Supreme Court Candidate even the Senate Majority Leader didn't want to put forward.

That's No Angry Mob! That's the righteous, justifiable indignation of a people united.

Get used to it!

Justice will prevail.

Fairness for all will prevail.

Injustice, bigotry, hateful policies, and the dismantling of all that is good our ancestors died for in war after war, on the picket lines, and for the right to vote will be defeated.

Get used to it.

We, the good people, will stand up and be heard.

Hurricane Michael: Animated Satellite View

Hurricane Michael is omg huge!

This animated satellite link is current at all times.


300 miles of the Gulf Coast will be affected.

Be safe if you are in Michaels wide path.

Upgraded to a Cat 4

Hurricane Michael strengthened into a Category 3 storm on Tuesday, packing 120 mile-per-hour winds and on a path to make landfall in the Florida Panhandle as the most powerful hurricane to strike the mainland United States so far this year.

Forecasters expect its lashing winds to become more powerful along the coastline on Tuesday, with the worst still to come as the storm draws closer and makes landfall on Wednesday.

Governors in at least three states have declared emergencies, and the local authorities are urging people to evacuate or to fortify their homes ahead of the storm.


Keep an eye on the "eye of the storm.". As a long time satellite weather watcher, if the eye is very tight it is indicative of a dangerous hurricane. Evacuate to safety if on the coast. Hopefully the cooler night time will weaken the storm.

Kittens, Baby Goats & A Lamb - A Warm Heart-Boost

Take a break dear democratic warriors, fill your heart with some warm love.

Love conquers all. The heart must be replenished.


Baby Goats Leaping for Joy

New Best Friends, Kitten & Lamb


Vote drag the whole family. to vote.


I Was Not Registered? What Happened? Double Check Your Voter Registration!

I received my Vote By Mail Ballot so I assumed I was still registered to vote even though I had moved within the same town.

On a whim, I checked online to see if I was still a registered voter after all the stories of purges etc.

I was shocked to find I was NOT registered anymore even though I received a Vote by Mail ballot.

I had to submit my address change with the Department of Motor Vehicles, wait two days, and re-register to vote.

I checked again today and am registered to vote again. I took a screen shot and will bring my ipad to verify my registration, just in case.

QUESTION: Would my mail in ballot have been counted? As my dad used to say "confusion hides sin"

I will early vote, in person, ipad in hand, at the polling station near me which will be open from 10AM - 3PM. Great hours for workers - not.

Lesson learned: Do not assume you are still registered to vote. Check!

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