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Member since: Wed Jun 7, 2017, 08:20 AM
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Mother Nature's Rape - Activist SCOTUS Will be an accomplice

There are many important environmental cases working their way to SCOTUS thanks to irresponsible roll backs by this administration


While urban sprawl
mauls Mother Nature's wonder.

The greedy capitalists' sins,
profit and gain,
reign while Chaos grins.

Slowly sowing the seeds of destruction
with a manic push for production;
lulled into carnal security,
too blind to see.

In the end, many will have profited
their temporary gain,
then watch helplessly
their desperate childrens' pain.

Wondering when they could have saved
their tiny ones
from dying of thirst
or a belly full of hunger.

A man will trade his mansion on high
for food and water so his child won't die.

Nothing will escape the planet-wide mistake
of Mother Nature's rape!

copyright 1999

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