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Free Book On Line - Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda


This is the book Apple scion Steve Jobs gave to all who attended his funeral as a going away gift.

As a seeker of truth in my youth 50+ years ago, this book opened up possibilities that made sense to that confused young brief-case carrying woman who became disillusioned with how the corporate world worked.n For that matter, how the world worked. A Pisces in a sea of faceless bureaucrats and emotionally dulled people.

I found Autobiography of a Yogi after exhausing the self-help, world religions, and philosophy sections of a three story, paper backed bookstore. Resonance and explanations appeared from within the pages.

A couple of years ago, I popped on line, searched for the title and found a free copy which I read on my iPad. Out of thankfulness to the provider, Ananda, I then purchased a copy for my grandchildren.


Greatly entertaining story. Brain bleach.

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