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😂 ROFL Non-Stop 😂

If you could use a good belly laugh and have a few minutes, read the comments attached to this tweet. My eyes watered laughing 😂

So Hyde didn’t author those threatening sounding Yovanovitch texts sent to Lev. Hyde says that Anthony deCaluwe wrote them and sent them from a Belgium phone number & Hyde copy/pasted. 😳

The Texts

“This is, apparently, the guy that Robert Hyde claims was spying on Yovanovitch for him while Hyde was "hiking volcanoes in Ecuador," and well it makes as much sense as everything else does.”

“Turns out Hyde was telling the truth earlier when he said his messages to Parnas re: surveillance on Yovanovitch were "just copy-and-paste bullshit." Or at least, they were copy-and-paste.”

Left: Hyde's screenshot of de Caluwe's texts to him. Right: Hyde's texts to Parnas.

Screenshot Hyde & deCaluwe conversation.

Comedy writers world wide sent a Thank You Note to the Universe.

What’s not funny? That Hyde’s texts were screen shots from a Belgium phone number.

This story is frightening!

Cosmic Paint Play 1/17/2020

Today’s spontaneous Paint Play, armed with a blow dryer ☺️

Definitely Cosmicish

Red crested bird or heartburn 😂

Thanks for dropping by.

Military News Websites Links



Army Times Confirmed 82nd Deployed


Military Times is my first go to for news. There you will find links to each branches major news.

Too sad to comment further.

These Timelines Prove: Every Election Year, The Iran Threat Media Roll Out Begins

It’s an election year! Time for the “Iran Threat Roll Out Media Campaign”

Towards the end of the article link below, written in 2012, are inks to credible compilations of election year “Iran Threat” Timelines proving how this is a predictable election year media blitz.

It’s so freaking obvious! Will voters see the re-run patterns?

The War Mongers are beating the drums to bomb Iran because of the annual "Iran's building a nuclear weapon" threat (I'll show how this is an annual drum beat, amplified during elections at the end of the diary.

Frustrated by the now obviously false roll out campaign for war against Iraq, I wanted to know more about this Iranian nuclear threat. I was surprised to learn that we, the US, launched Iran's nuclear program in the 1950s.

Actually the whole nuclear Iran history is also included because the Media rarely if ever provides proper context of how the US launched and supported Iran’s nuclear program beginning in the 1950s

So here we are, election year 2020.

I believe the biggest reason for the drone assignation is Trump lost total control of the news narrative in 2019 when his Impeachment began. He chose a blockbuster move to regain the News Narrative.

Trump, The Projection King of The World, even accused Obama of “starting a war with Iran to win an election”
Iran is, once again, our predictable election year biggest national security threat.

Oh, the hugest oil reserves are shared by Iraq & Iran - 300,000 million barrels, 2017). Venezuela also has the same.


Iran possesses the fourth largest proven oil reserves in the world and the second largest among Middle East countries. Its proven oil reserves as of December 2012 were estimated at 157 billion barrels.


Iraq, with 140.3 billion barrels of proven oil reserves, has the fifth largest oil reserves in the world and the third largest in the Middle East.

My 1st 3D Painting Experiment


Materials & techniques used linked at Twitter.

Just experimenting. If anyone is interested in a new hobby, I can save you a $$bundle after my year long fluid art (Acrylic Pouring) learning curve.

Also how to set up and not destroy anything in your home ☺️

Any tips from real artists always appreciated.

50% Australian Bush Fires Arson/Suspicious Origin

While watching one of my fav Australian art teacher on YouTube, she casually mentioned yesterday that many of the bushfires were being reported as arson.

Immediately looked for “reliable source” to verify and found this BBC report.

Of course, the prospect of “reliable reporting” remains skeptical 🤨

The reports this November are mostly blaming young men on the fringes of society or unstable 🧐

🤷🏻‍♀️ However, the 3 digit heat waves can’t be blamed on a societal segment.

Is it possible the nutcases in places of power are using smoke to dim the sun in a “end justifies the means” attempt to cool the planet?

How many fires are started deliberately?

Dr Paul Read, puts the figure of annual bush fires.. at "62,000 and increasing"

Of those, 13% are started deliberately, and 37% are suspicious.

In short, up to 85 bushfires begin every day because someone leaves their house and decides to start one.


Is this true? Or fossil fuel funded BS?

Reading the entire BBC article is helpful.

Justice Stevens Scathing Dissent - Citizens United & The Activist Roberts Court

Justice Stevens Citizens United dissent is an important read, to help understand how Democracy is being rotted. Link below.

Stevens clearly exposed that Roberts activist Court invited and expanded the scope of the original Citizens United case to overturn 100 years of standing law to constrain corporate election meddling.

Roberts actively chose to reconsider Austin and McConnell. Citizen's United did not ask for this scope of consideration.

Justice Stevens dissent quote:

All that the parties dispute is whether Citizens United had a right to use the funds in its general treasury to pay for broadcasts during the 30-day period.

Justice Stevens' conclusion:

Essentially, five Justices were unhappy with the limited nature of the case before us, so they changed the case to give themselves an opportunity to change the law.

Roberts Court PURPOSELY opened the floodgates for corporate (even some murky) investments that had proven to corrupt Democracy in the early 20th Century.

So Roberts’ words are cheap.

The whole 2011 article explaining Justice Stevens scathing, clarifying dissent is a worthy read.

Roberts is an activist judge. DeFazio and others wanted Roberts Impeached!


My questions:

What grand outcome(s) are the likes of Roberts, Thomas, Barr, Bolton Rove McConnell hoping for?

A theocracy?
A thinning of the herd?

Why do they work so hard to undermine the standing finance & election laws even the Constitution that worked for the greater good for most from the end of WWII through Reagan?

Is there an long-term evil design?

Asking for a friend!
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