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Member since: Thu Jun 8, 2017, 10:22 AM
Number of posts: 312

Journal Archives

SALE - Half Price Opposition Research -- KGB

Act now. Everyone is doing it!

And it's legal!

Redcaps - A New Name For All American Trump Loving Traitors

I think redcaps should replace deplorables when it comes to referring to Trump supporting traitor scum.


Smerconish You Asshole - Granma Has Alzheimer's Living In Guest Room Not Ok

Throwing millions out of rest homes so billionaires can keep more loot is not a good thing in any way Michael.

Shove it up your ass Smerconish.

"Maybe Granma living in the guest room's a good thing" is the exact quote.

At least he said maybe.

Jay Sekulow Trump's Lawyer Is A Dumbass Lying - Receiving Stolen Goods/Hacked Materials Is A Crime


If they got the goods, it is a crime.

Sorry asshole.

Trump Jr. "This Is Everything, This Is Everything" One Of The Greatest Lies Ever Told

Trump Jr. telling Hannith "This Is Everything, This Is Everything" may go down as one of history's greatest lies.

This is everything except the folder of DNC documents the lawyer left, and the Russian Spy who was at the meeting.

And probably more stuff.

And probably more stuff still.....

Jr. Your lies were not everything....

Evidence Suggests Russian Intelligence Pipeline To Trump Campaign

Anyone See Trent Franks Cheerleading For Trump Attacking Dems on CNN? What A Jerk

He said most Democrats couldn't find Russia on a map, and Trump is simply awesome!

No Trent.

It's Republican voters who are stupid lying traitor apologists and supporters.

Your party celebrates pathetic ignorance.

Just ask Sarah Palin.

Drill baby drill!

Kushner Will Have To Amend His Security Application Form Again Darnit

Why don't they just make it mandatory to use pencil to fill out top secret security application forms.

Arrest this lying Russian supporting asshole. Manafort too.

Jonathan Turley (Lawyer) Is Wrong About "Possible" Treason

Mr. Kaine said possible treason, not treason today.

We don't know a lot about "the meeting" now do we Turley?

If there was quid pro quo with Trump and Russians, and I believe there was lots, then what Jr. was caught doing "could be" treason.

Tim Kaine did not lose credibility pointing this out Mr. Turley. What would Russia gain by helping Trump? We can only guess what "the deal" was by the "Art of the Deal" mouthpiece.

Possible treason.

Now go away Turley. If I get in legal trouble you won't be my lawyer.

Every Single Bad Thing I Have Ever Said About Republicans....

Today they have been justified 100%.

Like Mika mentioned on Colbert. (in my words) After Jr. is caught red handed trying to get Russians to help him and his dad attack Hillary, what did the Republicans do or say today about it?


Absolutely nothing.

All Republicans are Un-American Traitors.

Every. Single. Republican. Is. A. Traitor.

Rince Can I Please Have Another Nothingburger Jr. Style?

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