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Member since: Wed Aug 2, 2017, 05:43 PM
Number of posts: 4,852

Journal Archives

If Rtump

Tells Welker "excuse me" one more time and she shuts up, I'll barf.

MTP interview

Just saw a,quick clip of Meet The Press and Kristen Welker. Hope it wasn't all she said to rtump in interview. Wide eyed and nodding as he spewed garbage. Didn't see a pushback.

How far they have come

Heard about this group today. Going to adopt it


Watching Cubs

Pirates game today. The color announcer is a woman! Love it.

I probably

shouldn't have started day drinking today and then watched the debate!


Remember if you're registered to vote by mail, all previous requests have been cancelled by deathsantis. You must register again with your county to get a vote by mail ballot. Easy and can be done on line. Just got a reminder from my county.

Anyone out there

have the same experience? When rtump first started his run, I'd go on FB and refute many of the statements my extended family posted. I'd use reliable sources and factual posts. Of course, it irked them, and they would fight on line with me. Over the years, we stopped communicating pretty much. I remember one person saying, she was a pro choice person and the Republicans would never outlaw abortion. It was only a rallying point. Another, who became an evangelical Christian would post outright lies about Democrats. Got so mad when I pointed out the lies. I'm tempted to contact these folks and say I told you so, but know that's a futile endeavor. It makes me sad we have no contact anymore. Too bad as we age and lose loved ones together.

Anyone using Twitter

finding tons and tons of ads for Tesla on their feed? Old Elon is messing with it again. Anyone know about the new FB Threads?

Is Twitter down?

Or has the golden boy done something again? Can't retrieve tweets.

The new Dugger documentary

Has so reminded me of the crazy anti-woke fools. DeeSantis and his supporters have bought the nonsense exposed there.
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