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This Post Is A Wonderful Primer To Become A Strong Activist.

I found this article to be an amazing guide, al-be-it quite brief, to become able to strongly stand up to both the oppression and suppression in these "interesting times".

To summarize the nine "Don'ts to be STRONG:

1. Don't be Neutral. EVER!

2. Don't be picky about who you defend.

3. Don't give them an inch.

4. Don't let Nazis "or Communists" divide us.

5. Don't let them be wrong and let them get away with it.

6. Don't let them define what "normality" and "deviance" are.

7. Don't let them frame the language.

8. Don't say you can't help.

9. Don't shrug.

Obviously... Each have supportive, pertinent and educational verbiage. However, the topic titles also speak to the issue of becoming strong as you address these issues on their own.


Medicare For E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E.


Activists at Walmart need support and protection!

The Walton family that founded and largely owns Walmart has never met an employee that it didn't want to oppress and subjugate.

Yes, Sam Walton's kids are all billionaires many times over, and behind most every billionaire you can find employees being subsidized by the government because, while working full time jobs, they are not afforded wages substantial enough to live above the poverty wage level.

UNIONS are the answer to such wage suppression, subjugation, and the worker oppression to the point of poverty.

Robert Davis is a stalwart Union Activist

Union Activist Robert Davis is an example of the proactive actions required to succeed against those who seek to undermine, weaken and even destroy Unions!

Workin For A Livin is a TEAM full of such UAW activists who demonstrate proactively. Get to know them better soon.

Their latest mantra is "Join The Team"!

In Solidarity!!!

Many Reformers should follow the lead of the UAW Working For A Living - Caucus

The Working For A Living caucus at this website surely seems to be firing on all cylinders when it comes to Labor Union Reform; especially when it their beloved UAW is involved.

The UAW Convention expected to be held the first week in June of 2018 should be an interesting event to follow as these sisters and brothers from the Working For A Living caucus are set to be successful in over throwing the now heavily tainted existing caucus!

People Who Are Workin 4 A Livin Should Head These Tax Imbalances

As the Workin 4 A Livin Caucus has educated the listeners of its radio show about the true reasons for the loss of jobs, capital and worker clout in America.

Hint Global tax imbalance due to different tax structures [Payroll withholding (USA) vs Sales Tax (Most of the world) a change decided at the 1982 G-7 Summit in Mexico City], and locked into place by the likes of NAFTA but more importantly GATT [Global Agreement on Tax and Tarrifs].

These details can be heard on our April 24, 2017 radio show that may be found on the top left corner of the home page of our Workin For A Livin website.

If you find the information on that radio show to be valuable, please write about it and create just one link to it.

Thank you very much for taking your time to find out what most Americans don't know about what happened to our country; in that, the rest of the world changed or created a sales tax structure, and we were "controlled" to remain on a payroll withholding tax system that is a 32% disadvantage to the U.S.A. to the rest of the world.
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