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Member since: Fri Oct 6, 2017, 12:37 PM
Number of posts: 6,620

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Trump vs. W

The fact that we can even smile when we see W's face now is a testament to how successful his lie machine was in starting a war for no reason. We cannot exonerate him. The dead are still dead. The debt is still dragging us down. The reputation of America is still in the dumps. Yes, Trump has run off our alies, and holds no credibility in the world but I won't forget what Bush did to our credibility and prestige when it was at its highest. If trump doesn't succeed him as worst president ever it's only because he has no credibility with which to corral our alies into any new debacle. He, at least, does not hide his corruption.
Posted by MaryMagdaline | Mon Dec 25, 2017, 11:34 AM (22 replies)

Once again I thank African Americans

I am reminded that they never, ever bit when Trump tried to grab them with his anti-Mexican rants and anti-Muslim rants. I know more AA Church-going Christians and none of them went for that "other" crap. Thank you from America!
Posted by MaryMagdaline | Wed Dec 13, 2017, 12:30 AM (8 replies)

What books did you love as a child?



By the way, I have had friends who have done in vitro, and would not disparage that process for the world, but doesn't surrogacy usually require lots and lots of fertilized eggs to make sure that one of them takes?

What happened to this right-to-lifer's wife's fertilized eggs? are any of them still on the shelf somewhere and should they get Social Security?
Posted by MaryMagdaline | Fri Dec 8, 2017, 04:40 PM (2 replies)

Happy Holidays

I used to like sending holiday cards and until recent years I would carefully divide the cards:
1. Observant catholic friends - or Lutheran friends send beautiful nativity or annunciation scene rendered by famous artist. My favorite cards: Caspari
2. Non-observant tasteful friends: beautiful holley or Christmas tree theme (Caspari again)
3. Santa Clause crazy friends - the hardest to get for ... usually grouped those in with 3 because a lot of Santa clause stuff is just tacky
4 observant Jewish friends: skyline of Jerusalem; Menorahs. Dredels if desperate.
5 Non observant Jewish friends: happy holiday cards, wintery season ... not too goyishy but will sometimes send a card with holley or something almost to the line of Christmas

Growing up in Georgia I was well aware that Baptists and Evangelicals disdained highly religious themes that looked too Catholic. That was in the days when only Catholics would wear crosses. Evangelicals and Catholics are so mixed now that I see baptists trying to outdo Catholics with the tacky blow up nativity scenes.

It has occurred to me over the years that it does not take that much effort to customize the holiday greetings in order to please your friends and it actually feels good to do so. That's the good holiday feeling.

The evil holiday thought occurs to me that all these Evangelical sects were hellbent on killing Christmas for generations and at one time it was illegal in the colonies. Catholics Lutherans and orthodox kept it alive. As I found out when spending Christmas in north Georgia, many Protestants don't even go to church on Christmas Day. Next time someone says "keep Christ in Christmas, ask them what time services are held at their church on christmas morning so you can join them.
Posted by MaryMagdaline | Thu Dec 7, 2017, 07:07 PM (7 replies)

Trump sons need Madoff sons' lawyers

What lawyer in their right mind would discuss collusion issues with third parties present?

Madoff sons were told to separate themselves from father immediately or go down with him.
Posted by MaryMagdaline | Wed Dec 6, 2017, 09:16 PM (2 replies)

Chamber of Commerce, AARP, Realtors, Builders

Bedrock Republican voters since 1860 just woke up today with realization that they have absolutely zero power in Congress and there is a war on Main Street.

Will this change anything?
Posted by MaryMagdaline | Sat Dec 2, 2017, 10:10 AM (2 replies)

What's up with Think Progress?

Two posts today against Democrats ... first one Native American woman burning Elizabeth Warren; the second one attacking Democrats for not getting rid of Franken and Conyers. Actually praising GOP for Barton's resignation (while they are backing a pedophile).

I thought Think Progress was pretty liberal. Shallow, but liberal. Am I missing something?
Posted by MaryMagdaline | Thu Nov 30, 2017, 07:39 PM (2 replies)

Perfect Patsy

Good analysis


"George Papadopoulos, once a foreign policy adviser to the president, is indeed a nobody. But this is the entire point of Papadopoulos, who this week pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his contact with Russia during the presidential campaign: His marginality is the very thing that made him useful to the campaign, alluring to Moscow, and invaluable to Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Richard Nixon, after all, did not send his chief of staff to break into the Democratic National Committee. He sent a team of hapless idiots."
Posted by MaryMagdaline | Wed Nov 1, 2017, 10:13 AM (3 replies)

Echo Chamber

if indictments come, make it simple for all your friends, family, media: it's the sanctions, stupid.
Russia chose DT's campaign manager; campaign manager lifted sanctions from platform. Ask them why. If 90% of GOP voted for sanctions, why was DT against sanctions?
Posted by MaryMagdaline | Sun Oct 29, 2017, 06:45 PM (3 replies)
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