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Member since: Tue Oct 10, 2017, 10:15 AM
Number of posts: 479

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BOTTOM LINE!! Trump did say what the Congresswoman said he did. Kelly taking trying to cover for

45. I told you before, Kelly was a bigoted 45 enabler.

OK, so why isn't there more news about the American-Canadian family that were released in Pakistan?

There is something very strange about this case. 45 virtually ignored it except to take credit for the US having more respect around the world because he is President.

Contact your Congresspeople now!! Stop that dastardly budget!. Cuts to Medicare, takes away state

and local tax deductions, trashes most all social safety net programs. More subsidies for big business, farmers not producing a living thing except maybe pot, and snatches medical care deductions in the process.

Get busy now!! This might even mean protests in the streets

WOW!!! The original statement only addressed 3 soldiers killed. Did I miss something?

By all means don't bail out the insurance companies.Just give more money to those who own insurance

companies! That's what the Democrats should be saying. The tax breaks the GOP is talking about will put millions into the individual pockets of the fat cats who own and head the insurance companies while sick American will foot the bill themselves to pay for their insurance.

In the meantime, the budget is on the table to cut Medicare and cost sick Americans even more than. Who the fuck is in charge of challenging the GOP? The challenge should be simple so that average Americans can understand how they are being conned. But no one on the Democratic side is doing this. And the media is asleep at the wheel once again!

So when is he (45) going to 5th Avenue to shoot someone? There is nothing left for him to do.

Before his lies about Obama and other Presidents yesterday, how many calls had 45 made to Gold Star

families? Has anybody checked? I bet they won't give out the information if asked.

Trump supporters are no longer setting the bar very low. They are now digging a trench for the bar

Stop it! Yes, 45 is a lying, ignorant, racist, sexual assaulter and brags about it. But those who

support him have to be much worse, especially if they haven't jumped off the band wagon after today.

i literally hate these people and have no sympathy for what they may be going through at the little hands of their beloved 45.

How dare he talk about "obstructionism!" After the GOP met and proclaimed before Obama took office

in 2009 and almost put it in writing that they were going to obstruct everything and anything Obama tried to do.

The GOP and 45 are enemies of the USA.
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