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Gender: Female
Hometown: SF, CA, USHey
Member since: Sun Oct 22, 2017, 10:54 PM
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Yes, there will be an "end to it all", but not one you'd want

Bankruptcy. Loss of one's home. No dough to rent. Life on the streets. Many are one step away from this.

*Eight Hundred Thousand People. Think about that number.

Then think about that somewhat recent statistic of "the average American" having $400 in the bank. Yeah. NOT good, no bueno.

Rethugs have no heart. Holding 800k Americans hostage for a stinking wall that won't do shit is PROOF that they are unfit for office.

Great spot! I completely missed that... nt

And yet again, he saves Russia's ass - he is a traitor!

Source: CNN

Just now on CNN:

Trump yet again defends Russia by stating that "countries and individuals other than Russia may have meddled in the election".

Read more: Link to source

I'm watching CNN and the director of National Intelligence, Dan Coats, states that he still does not have firm orders to block Russian interference in the election.

Then CNN breaks to Trump, who yet again defends Russia by stating that "countries and individuals other than Russia may have meddled in the election", thus deflecting the blame from Russia, and thereby watering down Russia's proven role in the election to that of a "co-conspirator".

The President Of The United States is a Russian tool and is a traitor. He should be removed from office before the USA becomes a satellite of Russia...

American media is now majority-owned by a conservative group that has banned the use of the term "multi-culti", so on the one hand we can't even say multi-culti, yet on the other hand we can't accuse a foreign power of manipulating our election.

This isn't the America I was raised in; this is a nightmare...

What's amazing to me

Is the turnabout vis-a-vis FISA.

In 2002 after 9/11 the GOP pushed for total FISA secrecy in the Patriot Act. Now they're all too happy to blab when it buys them whining points.

Funny how things change. It's all about them, isn't it?

Maher is right - whiny little bitches.

I'm watching Cuomo Prime Time with Kellyanne Coneay and she's just talking and talking...

And not saying anything. This is just like the Jake Tapper interview with Steven Miller.

Is this the GOP's new strategy? To just talk and talk and never answer any questions?

And we can't beat these idiots?

Sessions screws all the blue states...

Sessions returns the USA to pre-Obama 420 laws. Now sales cannot be deposited in banks. DEA agents can arrest you for doing something *completely legal* at the state level.

60%+ of the electorate wants legal pot. But Deliverance says "no" and now peeps can (and will) go to prison.

There are eight states where 420 is completely legal. All blue. All screwed.

Take one step forward, two steps backward...
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