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Member since: Thu Nov 2, 2017, 03:10 PM
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ITMFA! a how-to guide

Back in the bad old days of Dubya, which by comparison are downright halcyon, I joined a DIY group to make our own bumper stickers out of any material that would stick.

This was back before you could google search "ITMFA" and have the urban dictionary spit out "Impeach The Mother Fucker Already" in under a second. Before iPhones and all that shit. So, people would ask what the letters stood for, and I would enjoy telling them.

I wish I had taken a picture, because that car is long gone. But hey, I can make another sticker.

It's really fun to make it out of *real* duct tape, the really shiny stuff that costs more than the cheap "Duck Tape" you can buy anywhere. The good stuff is at the hardware store, and it has removable backing so you can cut the letters out ahead of time until you figure out where & when to display. It's really easy to cut; use scissors or an x-acto knife if you want to get fancy.

Making your own is cathartic, more personal and more meaningful than buying stuff online. Any fool can do that in a couple of minutes. Plus, you're NOT BUYING ANYTHING. You're making it!

Get it?
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