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Member since: Tue Nov 28, 2017, 12:10 PM
Number of posts: 540

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I Can't Stop Laughing - Trump Questioning Credibility Of Wolff - I Can't Believe What I Just Heard

"My credibility is being questioned by a person who may have less credibility than anyone that has ever walked on the earth" I just heard on MSNBC.

I see your point....

Just cracked me up big time.

No Republican Congress Scum Jim Jordan - You Get No Justice Department Information

If all you are trying to do is destroy the investigation, attack the Justice Department, and attack the FBI. All this to make sure we can't defend ourselves from the next RUSSIAN ATTACK.

You might as well let us all know you are protecting Russia instead of our voting system.

If you Republicans weren't traitors the Justice Department would be doing normal disclosure. They are not going to give you ammunition to simply be used to do create fake bs attacks and undermine actual patriots doing actual law enforcement.

Argue your Republican Bull talking points all you want. You are pretty much lying through your teeth.

Good job Katie pointing out why Republican Traitors aren't getting the info they want. Because they will misuse it.

Excellent job I mean.

I Agree With Rush - Dems Think Trump Is America's Worst Threat And Must Be Removed

From office at any cost.

I agree completely Rush.

Trump is America's / The World's greatest threat.

By any measure.


Dana Rohrabacher Says On CNN President Not Being Treated Fairly - Gets No Respect

The president lies with every breath Dana.

His crimes are being investigated, as they should be.

His campaign ties to RUSSIANS are being investigated as Russia still attacks our democracy.

That is the story.

Now what else does Putin's favorite congressscumbag want to say?

Time to retire Dana.

Crap there's more. 'Ol Dana says (the press) doesn't respect Trump.

Earth to Rhohabacher, 95% of the world doesn't respect Trump. Only a handful of deplorable racist wet brains respect Trump for his evil deeds, lies, and attacks on "them liberals".

Get's no respect. Anyone here respect Trump for anything?

Investigating Clinton Not Trump Foundation - Department Of Injustice

The Trump Foundation was as dirty as they get.

Self dealing, and outright tax fraud.

And they are investigating the Clinton Foundation.

This is Total Bullshit.

Real Political Witch Hunt.


Most "donations" are wink wink nod nod. It has never been illegal. It's how our system works.

What about the Koch Brothers and their BILLIONS OF DOLLARS to Republicans. When will they be investigated?

Welcome To Fire And Fury Friday

They just said on CNN. Hahaha.

All in the first week of "Obstruction Month".

Happy New Year!!!! DU

Wait Till Bannon Writes A Book On The Mercers - Now That Would Sell

What billionaires can buy.......

C'mon Bannon. Do it.

I Am Almost Starting To Feel Sorry For Trump - Almost

But not yet.

He started as a birther, and sunk lower by the day. The racist lying bully that got the big job. Now is reaping the whirlwind from decades of misdeeds, and well, criminal behavior.

I almost feel sorry for him. But then I think. It's Trump. Screw him.

What he deserves is far worse than being exposed by the media......


Losing Virginia Drawing Best Thing For Democrats In A Long Time

I feel sorry for the people in Virginia who will suffer, but the "loss" shows what can happen if "you" don't go vote.

Losing a tie by drawing may boost turnout more than any ad, campaign, or other device.

If you don't vote, your party can win by 10 points, and still not be in control.

Democrats need to overcome massive obstacles to take back our country from the deplorable traitors.

This is just one more reason to get off your couch.

Drive on.

Take back our government.

Don't rest until we succeed.

Start by signing up every single person you know regardless.

Voting For Any Republican Is The Most EVIL THING Any American Can Do

Voting Republican is the same as going out and killing for Charles Manson.

Same reasoning.

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