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Debt ceiling bill won't be signed until Saturday at the earliest

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Joe Biden won’t be signing the debt ceiling bill that passed Congress until tomorrow at the earliest.

“It won’t be today. The House and the Senate have to do their business, so we’re going to work very quickly to get this done to make sure we can sign it hopefully as soon as tomorrow,” Jean-Pierre said. Treasury secretary Janet Yellen said that the debt ceiling must be raised by 5 June, which means that Biden must sign the bill by the weekend to avoid default. Jean-Pierre said the White House is confident they can get the bill signed before June 5.

Jean-Pierre did not specify what Congress needs to do before getting it on Biden’s desk. Biden is planning to address the deal in a speech tonight at 7pm. Jean-Pierre said that he will focus on the bipartisan nature of the deal and how it benefits Americans.

“When you think about what could have happened here, to our seniors, to our veterans, to American families,” Jean-Pierre said. “That is something the president believes he has an opportunity to talk directly to the American people [about]. This could’ve been, as we’ve said over and over again, devastating.”

“He believes this is a good moment to lay that out and how we were able to come together to avert this crisis.”


This is a bit weird. Anyone know what's going on here??

Senate vote on debt ceiling will be tonight around 10pm.

They are currently working through voting on 11 amendments which is supposed to take about 10 minutes per amendment. They are curently on the 3rd one (as of 8:40 pm) so 8 more to go so looks like around 10pm for the final vote.

Here are the list of amendments.

1. Paul 107 (60 vote affirmative threshold)
2. Braun 91 (60 vote affirmative threshold)
3. Marshall 110 (60 vote affirmative threshold)
4. Sullivan 125 (60 vote affirmative threshold)
5. Hawley 93 (60 vote affirmative threshold)
6. Kennedy 104 (60 vote affirmative threshold)
7. Cotton 106 (60 vote affirmative threshold)
8. Budd 134 (60 vote affirmative threshold)
9. Lee 98 (Majority)
10. Kennedy 102 (Majority)
11. Kaine 101 (Majority)

It will be followed by final passage of the debt ceiling bill:

HR 3746 (An Act to Provide for a Responsible Increase to the Debt Ceiling). Subject to a 60 vote affirmative threshold.


They must defeat each amendment or it goes back to the House which is not what we want. Very unlikely any amendment will pass.

The House vote on the rules governing the debt ceiling bill just passed.

50+ Dems voting with 190 Rs.

This is good sign for the vote tonight.

Republicans, White House see progress in US debt ceiling talks

WASHINGTON, May 24 (Reuters) - Negotiators for Democratic President Joe Biden and top congressional Republican Kevin McCarthy held what both sides called productive talks on Wednesday to try to reach a deal to raise the United States' $31.4 trillion debt ceiling and avoid a catastrophic default.

After a four-hour White House meeting, U.S. House Speaker McCarthy said negotiations had improved and would continue in the evening. He predicted the two sides would reach an agreement, though several issues remain unresolved

"We've made some progress working down there. So that's very positive," McCarthy told reporters. "I want to make sure we get the right agreement. I can see that we're working towards that."

White House spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre said talks remain fruitful. "If it keeps going in good faith, we can get to an agreement here," she said at a briefing while discussions were taking place.



Looks like a deal is imminent. Thank goodness!

Bragg press conference 3:30 p.m today

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg will speak to reporters Tuesday after the arraingment of former President Donald Trump.

His press conference is scheduled to be held at 3:30 p.m. at the Supreme Civil Court, located next to the Manhattan Criminal Court, where Trump pleaded not guilty to 34 counts, including falsifying business records in the first degree.


Great he is doing this so fast to beat the Idiot to the punch.

The trial should be interesting.

Trump and his lawyers will turn this into a wild shitshow bashing Cohen, Daniels and the NY DA office. It is my understanding the trial will be held in NYC so the jury wont likely have any Trumpers but who knows. It will be a spectacle for sure. Hope its televised.

Sounds like Bragg was messing with Trump and his lawyers regarding the 1 month GJ recess.

Apparently they were totally caught off guard. Love it!!!

I was in Atlanta area today and saw a huge line of people waiting to vote.

The area is East Cobb near Marietta and is considered a somewhat liberal, blue area according to our local friend. I did see one moron carrying a sign to vote for Walker. He looked like he was missing a few chromosomes so I don't think he was very convincing.

The people we visited while here are very focused on voting to make sure Warnock will win.

I also saw some very good local ads on TV supporting Warnock. I am feeling cautiously optimistic about this election.

Fingers crossed!

A clue tonight will be if Ivanka and Jared show up.

Rumors suggest they dont want to be involved in the Trump 2024 campaign to protect themselves and their family.


If they dont show that will be huge blow to Trump's ego and plans to use them to help his campaign.

Anyone know about this "box 3" controversy in Arizona?

Apparently there was some misinformation spreading about voters not to use "box 3" which caused a huge problem for election workers in AZ. This is being discussed right now on a live Maricopa election press conference.

I dont know the details on what this is about but apparently it was caused by some GOP leaders in AZ.

i did find this but still not not entirely sure what the issue is.


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