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Member since: Sat Dec 16, 2017, 12:51 PM
Number of posts: 5,193

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Well, if any of these secret docs lead back to a certain Russian politician,

we may be hearing soon that tfg suffered a terrible fall from his golf cart.

Has anyone watched "The Man Who Never Was?"

A 1956 British film based on a true WWII story of how the British planted a "drowned courier" in Spain with misinformation about the location of the invasion of Sicily. The book was better, but the film was well done. The recent re-make, "Operation Mincemeat," not so good.

Anyway, the recent goings-on at Merde Lago reminded me of this film, and made me wonder what our intelligence agencies may have been doing in preparation for tfg's possible hand-off of secret documents.

I have to believe the intelligence agencies

aren't sitting around waiting to see what's in those files and what they can do about it. They probably already know at least some of it and are in damage-control mode.

If this were a Tom Clancy novel, they would already be planning to use some of the compromised stuff as misinformation.

I am so sorry the FBI served that search warrant.

Because now that fucking piece of shit is on the news every day, and, worse, his photo is all over the media. Aaaaarggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

I almost don't want to check the news anymore. His photo makes me want to puke.

Slow/dropping internet conection?

It's me again. I was able to get into my Win 10 computer, but hit another snag.

The internet connection is slow as molasses in January, and the computer keeps dropping it. We have a new modem/router from Comcast, and this doesn't happen on the other desktop, the laptop, the tablet, or the phone. First it wouldn't connect at all, then it kept dropping the connection, like the thing has a mind of its own.

So I'm wondering if it's Edge (I tried downloading Chrome, but didn't get anywhere with that), or the comm card, or Win 10 itself. I tried looking online, but obviously wasn't asking the right question or using the right terminology.

Any thoughts?

Help w/ recovering a Win 10 password

About a year ago I bought a gaming computer to use with a flight simulator. It came with Win 10. Haven't used the thing for a while, so I forgot the password. And for some stupid reason I didn't write it down like I did with all the others.

So far, almost an hour later later, I've tried every password I could think of (I have a system for creating them). No dice. The computer let me get to my security questions once, but apparently I got one wrong, and it's not letting me answer them again, i.e., not showing them again.

Looked online and it said you could recover the password by creating a Microsoft account. So I went there and clicked on "create account," and a message came up saying the link was not safe. WTF???? It also said you could type "i forgot my password" in the password window. No dice. Another answer was to hit the Windows key and type something to get a menu. No dice.

This is driving me nuts. Is there a way to get to those $^%#&*^#$%@ security questions?

Bitlocker on Windows 10?

A friend just reported that her laptop said that Bitlocker was activated and she can't do anything until it's resolved. I have not seen her screen.

I looked it up and it sounds like a protection device or something, triggered by this or that, and that you have to download a program to de-activate it.

Does this sound correct? Any thoughts?

At first glance, it just sounds like another example of Microsoft thinking they own you.

I am so tired of "HUMILIATES HIMSELF."

Don't know about you, but I find all these "So-and-so HUMILIATES HIMSELF" type of posts totally silly and over-cliched. These repuke types don't have the character or decency or anything else to be humiliated. They probably wouldn't know the meaning of the word if it bit them where the sun don't shine.

Me, I take the easy way out... I just don't read them.

Republicans and their guns.

I have a friend from almost fifty years ago. Met in college. Hell of a nice guy, lots of fun, owned his own business, put his daughter thru college, involved in stuff, etc. etc. But he happens to be a republican and long-time (long-time) gun enthusiast.

A few years ago I visited him (he lives in another state) and he showed me his gun collection, including two AR15s, other rifles, handguns, and his huge collection of reloaded ammo. As we chatted, he mentioned being able to defend himself if "they" came for his guns.

I didn't want to say anything (I like the guy), but my thinking went like this: he lives in a detached split ranch. Yards on all four sides. Windows on two levels. If "they" came for him, he would only be able to defend one side at a time. Even if his wife joined in, it would still only be two sides, leaving two sides vulnerable. One or two flash-bangs thru an unprotected side and it would be all over.

I guess I just don't get it.

Calls to violence or smelling the wind?

All these calls to violence won't add up to diddly unless enough people actually get out there and do something. Regardless of the repukes totally believing that their followers are morons, I have to believe that enough of them have seen the results of the Jan 6 investigations to realize that they may end up in prison or worse. This is starting to sound like "let's wait and see if anyone else revolts."

The ballyhooed protest at FBI headquarters didn't materialize, and a few others didn't have many participants. And now with a Democratic administration in place, I think many trumpers are realizing that they won't get very far with violence.

Keeping my fingers crossed.
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