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Member since: Sat Dec 16, 2017, 01:51 PM
Number of posts: 5,291

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I know there are practical considerations, but

I so wish teachers all across the country would stage a mass walk-out. Like everywhere.

Or just not come back once school starts again.

Republican toilet paper?

I just saw a roll of toilet paper labeled as "Professional Bathroom Tissue." Which made me think (I'm still blown out by that school shooting) that it must be made for professional ass-wipers, which of course made me think of repukes.

But seriously... professional bathroom tissue?

Is multiple-gun ownership an age-related thing?

Okay, so I wasn't sure how to word it. And yes I know about last week's shootings.

But I'm curious as to whether all this interest in owning multiple guns "for self defense" is mostly prevalent among middle-aged and older folks. The very few people I know who have multiple guns, except for a couple of hunters, are all baby boomers.

BTW, I'm not implying that being older makes you want to own guns.

Which leads to what got me thinking about this... will all this interest fade away when these people die off?

Retiring overseas?

Not sure where to post this, but I'm looking for a good chat room that discuses retiring overseas... like a DU for potential expats.

Anyone know of a good one?
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