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Hermit-The-Prog's Journal
Hermit-The-Prog's Journal
November 25, 2023

'Tis the season for tree snatching...

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November 18, 2023

What is a good ( complete ) tv series to watch?

Me: I think I found a Star Trek series you'd like.

Spouse: You know I don't like those science fictiony things.

Me: Try it -- Enterprise. It's about the characters, not gadgets. It has that guy from Quantum Leap that you like. He's the typical arrogant, "Only I can save them!" captain, but it's still entertaining.

Spouse: Bakula? It's still Star Trek.

Out of 98 episodes, only 3 got the thumbs down, same 3 I didn't like. She's never before watched an entire episode of any Star Trek series.

At least it's a breakaway from all the action movies and cops & robbers stuff.

Need suggestions for next, please!

[Edit to add: ]
Sorry for my lack of manners. I asked for suggestions without providing any of my own. These are some we've enjoyed (if we can't watch them together, we move on to another).

Peaky Blinders,
NYPD Blue (the stupid 'jerky camera' director tricks are hard for me to tolerate, but they lessen as the series progresses)
Game of Thrones,
Law and Order,
Chicago Fire,
Northern Exposure,
Boardwalk Empire,
Downton Abbey,
Hell On Wheels,
Good Wife,
Call The Midwife,
Rookie Blue,
Tour of Duty,
Turn - Washington's Spies,
Jesse Stone,
Black Sails,
The Pillars of the Earth,
Penny Dreadful

November 10, 2023

Reaction to Dobbs is not a moment of collective hysteria

Excerpts from the transcript of Democracy Now after Tuesday's elections:
[Bold added]

[Amy Littlefield, to Amy Goodnow]: But I think the overwhelming message, Amy, coming out of the election on Tuesday is that voters are still big mad about the Dobbs decision. And I have to say, you know, after I came on the show following the Kansas results last summer, and then after the midterms, at every step of the way media pundits are saying, “Are people still mad about Dobbs? Are they going to stay mad about Dobbs, or is that anger going to fade?” I’m sorry, Amy, this is insulting to insinuate that. It’s not like we all experienced a moment of collective hysteria after the Dobbs decision and all got our periods and got mad temporarily and then forgot that Republicans single-handedly overturned a 50-year-old constitutional right. Yes, voters are still angry about it. Yes, they see through the Republican misinformation. Yes, abortion rights are popular and always have been. And voters overwhelmingly demonstrated that on Tuesday.

[ snip ]
[John Nichols, to Juan Gonzalez]: And so, let me just remind you of a couple of things that had happened last night. In addition to Andy Beshear winning in Kentucky as a supporter of abortion rights and someone who vetoed an anti-trans bill, someone also who marched on the UAW picket line — and Andy Beshear is not a leftist, by any means; he’s considered to be something of a moderate — but he won in Kentucky on a lot of issues that are considered to be kind of hot-button issues of the moment. In Virginia, you saw not just a Democratic win for the Legislature, but a rebuke to Governor Glenn Youngkin, who tried to make the race there a referendum on abortion rights and a host of other issues, trying to advance a right-wing agenda. In New Jersey, it looks like Democrats picked up seats in the state Legislature. You had the Pennsylvania result you just mentioned. You obviously had the Ohio result you just mentioned. But then, when you start to look at places like Allegheny County in Pennsylvania, where Sara Innamorato was elected as county executive to one of the largest counties in the United States, as a progressive, you just start seeing result after result after result.

And I think the message here comes off something that Amy said. You saw folks compromising on some issues or making concessions on some issues, because they were afraid that if they didn’t, they couldn’t prevail. In reality, the evidence from Tuesday night is that candidates who took some chances, who pushed the limits, who actually went further than expected, did very, very well.

November 7, 2023

I voted. Checking in from Kentucky. How about you?

Worried about a trumper getting in as governor.

Worried about Virginia.

October 30, 2023

emergence (testing)

Scaled down for posting here. The date is right but the time is off by perhaps 12 hours. Edit: the time appears correct.

Camera make : PENTAX
Camera model : PENTAX K-7
Date/Time : 2017:08:21 00:10:58
Resolution : 800 x 531
Flash used : Yes (manual)
Focal length : 55.0mm (35mm equivalent: 82mm)
Exposure time: 0.0100 s (1/100)
Aperture : f/8.0
ISO equiv. : 1600
Exposure bias: 0.30
Whitebalance : Auto
Metering Mode: center weight
Exposure Mode: Manual
Focus range : macro
Jpeg process : Progressive
JPEG Quality : 100
October 27, 2023

DU4: Any suggestions for how to increase line spacing?

Space between lines seems to be greatly diminished, making a wall of text out of every paragraph. It's even worse for the titles, in bold, along the right side.

Tried changing the font size in Firefox, but can't find anything about line spacing.

October 21, 2023

These boots weren't made for walking...

I don't understand.

September 25, 2023

Up yours ABC News

Flipping channels just a few minutes ago and landed on an ABC station to see what headlines would scroll by on the bottom of the screen. While the hosts were giggling and bubbling over celebrity gossip, the chyron showed "POLLS SHOW 4 IN 10 AMERICANS NOW CRITICIZE AID TO UKRAINE".

A candidate getting 60% of the vote would likely be jumping for joy, right? Ah, but our wonderful m$m is just reporting the facts.

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