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he looks like his big orange head is made of lumpy clay here


Trump rage tweets about the media, Hillary Clinton and polling minutes before 9/11 ceremony

Trump rage tweets about the media, Hillary Clinton and polling minutes before he walks to the White House South Lawn to mark the 18th anniversary of 9/11
The president tweeted early on the morning of Sept. 11th about familiar grievances

He blasted what he terms a 'suppression poll' after an ABC News / Washington Post survey had him losing to Democrats

The 'suppression' tweet came at 8:12 AM

He also tore into the 'Fake News' media at 8:19 am

At 8:21 he tweeted: 'Leaving the White House soon to speak at the Pentagon. My great honor!'

Earlier he observed a moment of silence at the White House

8:46 am marks the moment American Airlines Flight 11 slammed into the north tower of the World Trade Center


Judge Recalled After Brock Turner Case Now Coaches Girls High School Tennis

Residents of Santa Clara County voted to recall Persky from the bench in June 2018 after his controversial sentencing in the Turner case. Turner was arrested in 2015 for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman behind a dumpster during a fraternity party at Stanford.

He was later convicted on three felony assault charges: sexual assault of an unconscious person, sexual assault of an intoxicated person and sexual assault with intent to commit rape. Although he faced up to 14 years in prison, Persky sentenced him to only six months in county jail and three years of probation. Turner was released after serving three months.

Persky said part of his decision in giving Turner such a light sentence was due to “mitigating” factors like the role that alcohol played in the assault.

“A prison sentence would have a severe impact on him. I think he will not be a danger to others,” Persky infamously said during sentencing.


Judge Recalled After Brock Turner Case Now Coaches Girls High School Tennis
Former judge Aaron Persky now coaches girls junior varsity tennis at a high school in California, and many parents are not happy about it.

The judge in the Brock Turner sexual assault case, who was recalled after sentencing the former Stanford University student to just six months in jail, is now coaching girls tennis at a high school in California.

Aaron Persky, the former Santa Clara County Superior Court judge, took a job this fall at Lynbrook High School in San Jose, California, where he’s coaching junior varsity girls tennis. Rachel Zlotziver, a spokesperson for the Fremont Union High School District, confirmed to HuffPost that Persky is working at Lynbrook High under his full name, Michael Aaron Persky.

Persky applied for the position over the summer and “successfully completed” all of the hiring requirements, Zlotziver said.

“He was a highly qualified applicant for the position, having attended several tennis coaching clinics for youth, and holds a high rating from the United States Tennis Association,” she said.

Zlotziver added that the school was apparently unaware of Persky’s involvement in the Turner case, telling HuffPost that the information “was brought to [the school’s] attention” late last week.

The school held a meeting with parents of the JV and varsity girls tennis teams on Monday after some had voiced concerns about Persky coaching young girls.

Bicyclist head-butts pedestrian who had the right of way


Bicyclist head-butts pedestrian who had the right of way
September 10, 2019
London police are searching for a bicyclist who head-butted a pedestrian. The suspect jumped a red light, nearly hitting a 57-year-old businessman, before getting off his bike and brutally attacking the pedestrian.

67 year old woman mauled to death by her coonhounds

random pic of a coonhound


Arlene Renna, 67, was found unconscious on her living room floor by her husband around 4 p.m. Saturday, when he got back to their house in Pleasant Valley, state police said.

Renna succumbed to her injuries at the scene. Police said the wounds were consistent with a dog attack.

Both of the coonhounds were taken by the Dutchess County SPCA and a judge will decide what happens to them, cops said.

It’s unclear how long the couple owned the hunting dogs, who are generally “sweet, mellow, sociable,” according to the American Kennel Club.

Details about what may have prompted the attack weren’t immediately available, but police said they found no evidence of foul play.

'They have firearms galore.' Lawmaker's comments about communities of color draw gasps


An Arizona lawmaker told a forum on gun control last week that black and Hispanic communities are "better armed than the police officers who are supposed to be controlling them."

State Rep. Jay Lawrence, a Scottsdale Republican, walked back the comments when reached Thursday by The Arizona Republic.

At the event, organized Aug. 29 by March for Our Lives Arizona, Lawrence was asked about crafting gun policy that does not disproportionately target people of color.

"Black and brown communities, if you look at the weapons that they have, they are not licensed," Lawrence said. "They are better armed than the police officers who are supposed to be controlling them. They have firearms galore."

The lawmaker said people disrespect the police.

"Black and brown communities, black communities in particular, have gangs. And the gangs have to be stopped," he said.

Lawrence's comments were first reported by Cronkite News.

The lawmaker said Thursday that he was not fair when he spoke.

"Gangs do have armaments, and in many instances better armaments, than the police who are supposed to be controlling them," he added.

But, Lawrence added: "I think that was too much."

Legislator backs off comments on minority communities, guns


PHOENIX (AP) - An Arizona legislator has walked back his recent comments that black and Hispanic communities "are better armed than the police officers who are supposed to be controlling them" and that they "have firearms galore."

Republican Rep. Jay Lawrence of Scottsdale told the Arizona Republic that his comments during an Aug. 29 forum on gun control were unfair and too broad and that he should have been clear that he was concerned about gangs in those communities.

Lawrence's comment was first reported by Cronkite News of Arizona State University.

Democratic Rep. Diego Rodriguez of Phoenix attended the forum. He told the Republic that Lawrence's comments came from "a place of ignorance" and said it's dangerous to paint entire communities with a broad brush.

With continued remarks, experts see Arizona Republican Party losing voters

With continued remarks, experts see Arizona Republican Party losing voters


PHOENIX — When then-current state Representative David Stringer said "60% of public school children in the state of Arizona are minorities. That complicates racial integration because there aren't enough white kids to go around" during an appearance in 2018, it was met with outrage.

In July, state Senator Sylvia Allen warned a group about the browning of America, "we're going to look like South American countries very quickly," she said. Allen's remarks were also met with outrage.

In August, state Representative Jay Lawrence told a roomful of gun control advocates that
black and brown communities "are better armed than the police officers who are supposed to be controlling them." Later adding, "black communities in particular have gangs and gangs have to be stopped."

The series of comments may be one reason Arizona Republicans are having trouble with an important group of voters.

"It's crystal-clear the GOP is not winning with moderates," says pollster Mike Noble of OH Predictive Insights. Noble says Arizona voters are moving increasingly toward the middle, but that is not where many elected Republicans want to go.

"You're seeing a pattern here," Noble says. "All these folks making these inflammatory statements are in very safe, either rural or conservative districts, and that plays well with your base."

It's nearly impossible to track all the scandals swirling around Trump


It's nearly impossible to track all the scandals swirling around Trump

And so it was Monday that he skated through yet another sequence of stunning controversies and outrageous plot twists that would have been defining scandals for any other administration.

Had President Barack Obama thought of inviting Taliban terrorists to Camp David at the time of the 9/11 anniversary, the Republican Party would have been in meltdown.

Had President George W. Bush caused the CIA to extract a highly placed Russia asset because of careless handling of classified intelligence, Washington would be in uproar.

And if a Cabinet secretary had threatened to fire top officials if they refused to lie to protect a president -- say, Hillary Clinton, had she won in 2016 -- impeachment would be in the air.

"You know what's the most shocking (part) of it -- that it isn't shocking anymore," Democratic Rep. Eliot Engel, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, told CNN's Erin Burnett.

"I am almost numb. It is one thing after another, after another."

Yet another logic-busting day in Washington is unlikely to make a dent in a presidency shored up by unshakable GOP support.
There were only the mildest Republican statements of concern -- and relief -- over the cancellation of Trump's big Afghan photo op at Camp David.

NC Rally: Trump hits Democrats for [checks notes] purportedly not being "big believers in religion"


Tennessee state GOP lawmaker says getting rid of higher education would 'save America'


State Sen. Kerry Roberts made the remarks while speaking on his conservative talk radio show. He addressed his problems with the higher education system while discussing a recent legislative hearing focused on abortion legislation.

Roberts argued that an activist's public testimony in favor of abortion rights was a "product of higher education," adding that abolishing the system would "save America."
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