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Member since: Tue May 22, 2018, 07:30 PM
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Newsroom takes unusal steps to "counter the big lie"

WITF in Pennsylvania


So, as part of WITF’s commitment to factual reporting, and because many who attacked the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 have said their goal was to overthrow the U.S. electoral system and government, we will use language in our reporting to show how elected officials’ actions are connected to the election-fraud lie and the insurrection.

Here are two examples:

“Sen. (name), who signed a letter asking members of Congress to delay certifying Pennsylvania’s electoral votes despite no evidence that would call those results into question, today introduced a bill …”


The congressmen who voted against certifying Pennsylvania’s electoral college votes are eight of the commonwealth’s nine GOP representatives. The one who did not vote for that is U.S. Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick, a Republican who represents the Bucks County-based 1st Congressional District.

We understand this may be an unusual decision for a news organization to make. But, these are not normal times.

We are not taking this approach lightly, and will apply it for lawmakers who took at least one of these three actions: signed on to a Texas lawsuit aimed at invalidating Pennsylvania’s election; signed on to a state House or a state Senate letter urging Congressional representatives to object to or delay certification; and voted against certification. The list of lawmakers is here.

MT Greene talking about the deep state in a romper

and Candies


Does MTG even go on Fox News?

I listen to RW radio now and again and I don't think they have ever had her on, or even talk about her.

I don't recall ever seeing her on Fox News.

I'm getting the idea that raising her profile is a very good idea for us. There's a thread here about Morning Joe saying something like that.

People are comparing her to AOC, but I see AOC on all kinds of media. Her videos from Congress go viral in a good way. I have the idea that if MTG videos from hearings or whatever go viral, it's because democrats are the ones spreading them.

"This is the Republican party"

Lisa Murkowski has said "no way" at the idea of switching to the dems.

She said:

“I can be very discouraged at times with things that go on in my own caucus, in my own party,” Murkowski told a trio of reporters on Friday. “But I have absolutely no desire to move over to the Democratic side of the aisle. I can't be somebody that I'm not.”

Well, let's keep reminding her, she may not want to switch to the dems, she's choosing to stay with the Republicans, aka the MTG party.

Is "discouraged" what she thinks about her party? Not something stronger?

I just noticed "Republican party" is trending on Twitter, and people are describing Murkowski's party pretty well, for example


Good one Brian Williams!


call Schwarzenegger as an expert witness

promote his appearance, get people to watch the trial.

want to see how Ted Nugent flirts with Lauren Boebert?

warning you may not!!!!!


Rep. Pascrell has a question about "unity"


what's the difference between a GOP whitehouse press secretary and a Fox News personality?



Law professor reminds Josh Hawley what a prick he is

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