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Member since: Tue May 22, 2018, 07:30 PM
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Second "Celebrity Apprentice" cast member EVER to enter North Korea

an historic moment!

Trivago ad with mean lady and cool dude

I've been seeing this a lot lately on YouTube. A smug lady at a hotel front desk, smug about her discount. Then the clerk tells the cool dude he got a bigger discount than she did! She's all fuming about it, and he cool-ly tells her, "maybe use Trivago next time."

in your FACE, mean lady that didn't use Trivago!!!

Long beard with birds

What exactly made Biden change his mind?

Obviously he knew there would be some backlash. I figure there must have been some particular aspect of it that he didn't expect.

It's obviously not his primary opponents. He knew they would attack him and he must have been preparing his case. I saw some of the arguments here at DU.

My guess is that it was the activist groups like NARAL. I'm wondering if he expected one or more of them to give him cover, because they support him overall, or are desperate to defeat Trump and they think he's the best chance.

Or it could be something behind the scenes, like a major donor calling him about it...
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