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Member since: Wed Jul 4, 2018, 01:02 PM
Number of posts: 1,533

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There are two chambers of Congress. The other one needs to pass a bill.

The 116th House is agreeing with the 115th Senate and is passing the bill that was unanimously passed. The new Senate is apparently doing nothing. Trump needs to get the Senate to pass a bill as well, he should be spending his time getting the Senate to do their job, rather than tweeting about the House. Once both Chambers have bills passed, then they can iron out differences. The House doesn't need to do squat until the Senate pulls their heads out of their asses and gets a bill they now feel can be signed.
Posted by LakeSuperiorView | Mon Jan 7, 2019, 02:33 PM (1 replies)

Time for Chinless Mitch to do something.

If you won't bring a bill (the same bill you passed a month ago) up for a vote that you now claim Dipshit won't sign, complete your hypocrisy and pass a bill with funding for his moronic wall. You can't blame the current state on the House Democrats, they have done their job. They went and agreed with you and passed what you thought was a good bill just a month ago.

Ball is in your court, Mitchie, do something to get off that post rather than just sit there flailing your legs. Even with Little Lindsey feverishly humping the post down below, you are the one stuck up there at the top. There is no one that is going to come pick you up and gently set you back on the ground again.

Shit or get off the pot, Mitchie.

Posted by LakeSuperiorView | Mon Jan 7, 2019, 08:59 AM (1 replies)

Hey!! We are the least affected by Trump's shutdown...


But what that really means is that we have fewer federal employees than any other state, and so get less federal money...
Posted by LakeSuperiorView | Thu Jan 3, 2019, 07:09 PM (0 replies)

Ms. "Transparent and Honest"'s freudian slip is showing...

You can bet that they are scared of "Kremlin Justice"... Words like Kremlin don't just pop into everyday discussion unless you have been talking about it a lot.

Posted by LakeSuperiorView | Sun Dec 16, 2018, 12:01 AM (1 replies)

Treat your small engines to the good gas.

Run them on the expensive non-oxy gas and you won't be replacing them every couple of years. At the end of the season, run them out of gas so the Carb is dry. Just cleaned my across the powerline neighbor's snowblower carb and the engine now runs. He recently messed up his shoulder and his next door neighbor is going to do their driveways with this snowblower. Just in time for the snow we are supposed to get today.

I should get my snowblower running, but a nap is sounding like a winner ATM.
Posted by LakeSuperiorView | Sat Dec 1, 2018, 04:44 PM (3 replies)

Will tRump get with 20 feet of the Turkey he is going to pardon?

He is terrified of animals, and they seem to hate him, with good reason.
Posted by LakeSuperiorView | Mon Nov 19, 2018, 08:54 PM (7 replies)

The precinct I worked today had 63% turnout, not including early and absentee voters.

That pretty good for a midterm election. 1118 voters with 73 new registrations today. There seemed to be a marked increase of minority voters who were very eager to vote. A long, but rewarding day.

I was able to say Thank You in sign language to a deaf man and his smile lit up the room. He then shook my hand for the effort of being able to at least say something. Probably the highlight of my day.
Posted by LakeSuperiorView | Wed Nov 7, 2018, 12:01 AM (1 replies)

Where did Dumbass get the idea that 200 mph winds were involved?

God, is he stupid. He's bloviating right now trying to explain that water and wind are involved in a hurricane, like no one knew that...

What a fucking idiot.
Posted by LakeSuperiorView | Wed Oct 10, 2018, 02:03 PM (13 replies)

My little brother got a letter from one RBG...

Not necessary to say that I'm a little proud of him...
Posted by LakeSuperiorView | Fri Sep 7, 2018, 09:42 PM (7 replies)

Woohooo! Season 2 of Ozark drops on Aug 31.

It's a good series in my opinion, but then I like Jason Bateman.
Posted by LakeSuperiorView | Thu Aug 23, 2018, 07:13 PM (7 replies)
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