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Trump Administration Begins Production Of A New Nuclear Weapon

Source: NPR

The U.S. Department of Energy has started making a new, low-yield nuclear weapon designed to counter Russia.

The National Nuclear Security Administration says production of the weapon, known as the W76-2, has begun at its Pantex Plant in the Texas Panhandle. The fact that the weapon was under production was first shared in an e-mail to the Exchange Monitor, an industry trade magazine, and independently confirmed by NPR.

The weapon is a variant of the Navy's primary submarine-launched nuclear weapon, the W76-1. That warhead is a "strategic weapon," meaning it makes a very big boom. The W76-1 is believed to have a yield of around 100 kilotons, according to Hans Kristensen, director of the nuclear information project at the Federation of American Scientists, an arms control advocacy group. By contrast, the bomb dropped on Hiroshima had a yield of about 15 kilotons.

The Energy Department would not provide details about the W76-2, but it's believed to have a yield of around 5 to 7 kilotons, Kristensen says.

Read more: https://www.npr.org/2019/01/28/689510716/trump-administration-begins-production-of-a-new-nuclear-weapon

The new nukes will likely arm the Intermediate Range Ballistic Missiles (IRBMs) Trump intends to deploy after quitting the 1987 treaty.

MAGAts tweeting 'Jail the Media'

3 mins later

I thought @JacobAWohl must be a troll. Not so.
Jacob Wohl- Conservative | Trump Supporter | Zionist | Political and Corporate Intel Consultant
Orange County, CA

(I don’t you how to convert Twitter links into text)

Trump says he will 'devastate Turkey economically' if it attacks Kurds

Source: The Guardian

Donald Trump has warned Turkey of economic devastation if it attacks Kurdish forces in the wake of the US troop pullout from Syria, while also urging the Kurds not to “provoke” Ankara.

“Will devastate Turkey economically if they hit Kurds,” Trump tweeted, while pushing for the creation of a 20-mile ‘safe zone’. He then added: “Likewise, do not want the Kurds to provoke Turkey.”

Trump did not detail who would create, enforce or pay for the safe zone, or where it would be located.

Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/jan/14/trump-says-he-will-devastate-turkey-economically-if-it-attacks-kurds

Tweeted at Midnight. Psycho-Diplomacy.

"are you now or have you ever worked for Russia?"

Jeanine Pirro

There’s that Question.


The NSA has been listening to Trump on his IPhone

Trump has been warned not to conduct conversations on his insecure iPhone. He’s been told repeatedly that the Russians and Chinese can listen in. Why? - Because the NSA can. Have they? Is the President a Russian asset? There's your answer.

Exclusive: Robert Mueller met with Trump's pollster

Source: CNN

Washington (CNN) — Special counsel Robert Mueller sought information directly last year from one of Donald Trump's campaign pollsters who is also a former business associate of Paul Manafort's.

Mueller's team met with pollster Tony Fabrizio in February 2018, an interview that has not been previously reported and takes on new significance after Manafort's attorneys revealed Tuesday that Mueller's team is still interested in how Manafort shared polling data with his Russian intelligence-linked colleague.
CNN journalists observed Fabrizio leaving the special counsel's office on the first of February last year and have since confirmed he was meeting with Mueller's team. At the time, the special counsel had been digging into Manafort's finances and political work ahead of his trial.

In a filing Tuesday, Manafort's attorneys tried to redact the fact that prosecutors knew Manafort shared polling data related to the 2016 presidential election with his Russian intelligence-linked associate Konstantin Kilimnik while Manafort was running Trump's presidential campaign. The information was supposed to remain secret because it's part of an ongoing investigation, but it was revealed because of a formatting error in the filing.

Read more: https://www.cnn.com/2019/01/10/politics/robert-mueller-trump-pollster/index.html

February 2018. Mueller is so far ahead of the (visible) curve it’s not funny.
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