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Profile Information

Name: PJ
Gender: Male
Hometown: Miscouche/PE/Canada
Home country: Canada
Current location: Canada
Member since: Wed Oct 10, 2018, 03:36 PM
Number of posts: 1,588

About Me

Moved to Canada just before COVID and haven't left. What a wonderful people and country.

Journal Archives

Dems Need a Hannity...

I just went over to FoxNews.com and watched a little of an interview with Lindsey Graham and Sean Hannity, and it was so masterful. Why can't the left have a brain washing channel? Why do we think that common sense and facts will make people believe?

It was amazing as I listened how radical Nancy Pelosi was becoming and if the Democrats allowed her, the US would be just like Venezuela. It was terrifying. Lindsey was so sincere too. To see a US Senator, lying out his teeth like that to the Fox watchers was amazing. None of this complicated facts. Just total, easy to understand, BS.

We must come up with a PsyOps branch to brainwash the lower intelligence members of the Republican party and bring them over to the light. If we just had a shiny object to show them.

OMG Rachel...

This is a good one tonight!!! Too funny...

It looks like my newly elected congressman is a Russian sympathizer, what do I do?

I've been following his votes, and he voted to drop the sanctions against Deripaska. Then today I see he's one of the 22 Republicans that voted against blocking tRump from pulling out of NATO! I know he ran against a dead opponent in our district, but geesh, how could we get such a jerk?

Should I even bother writing or calling his office? Hell, he might send brown shirts to come and arrest me. Is he worth the effort or should I just ignore him? I was thinking on writing the local papers to at least let them be aware of his extreme voting record. This guy is a tRump mini me...

How about this for shutdown negotiations?

Mr. pResident, give the American people access to your complete tax returns, as you said you would do when running for office, for the last 10 years, and we'll allocate $5.7 billion for your wall. He couldn't argue with that now, could he?

#BoycottFoxEndShutdown it's the only way

tRump only listens to Fox News. We must get Fox to tell tRump to give in and end the shutdown. It's the only way.

Short Attention Span Theater (American Style)... tRump and MSM has done it again

I can't believe the media or tRump or whoever has already moved the shiny object, but I just saw a poll that said 50% of Americans believe immigration is the top issue of 2019. Not healthcare, which we just voted our new congress on. Not government corruption, which seems to get worse each day. Here we are 2019, 50% see immigration as our top issue, because tRump and the MSM pound us with it 24/7. Americans are so stupid to be led around by the next story they get bombarded with. They can't remember what happened 2 days ago. This country is hopelessly manipulated.

Did the tRump State Department give up Paul Whelan to Putin for exchange?

Why is our government so quiet about this? Did tRump tell Putin this Whelan guy was a spy so he could get Butina out of the US? There's no way we would trade Butina, right? Putin said he doesn't even know who she is. Why not a word from Pompeo? This could get interesting.

Does Anyone Ever Visit FoxNews On Line?

I like to go there now and then just to see what is going on. It's like we're living on two separate planets. Do they not bother asking Democrats for their point of views? I understand that Republicans won't give interviews to MSNBC or CNN for fear of getting trapped, but I've never heard of any Dem being fearful of talking to Fox. It's so strange...

What the Schitt?..

I don't understand why none of those reporters seeing the pResident off today didn't ask him what the point was in misspelling and disrespecting congressman Shiff's name was. I would really like to know why he does things like that. It seems like a valid question to me, especially with his request for decorum.
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